Bringing the customer experience to life and increasing employee engagement as part of Experience Management remains a major challenge for many organizations. What good is customer and employee feedback if nothing is done at the operational and strategic level? One-time measurement gives too little structural insight, especially if you want to continuously respond to the changing needs of customers and your employees. In this blog, we will examine the conditions underlying an optimal customer experience.

Focus on improvements, not on the score!

Often you will be responsible for a KPI objective for Customer Experience or Employee Engagement, usually based on metrics such as NPS, CES or CSAT. For example, to increase the NPS from 30 to 60. In order to achieve this in practice, it is important that you collect feedback continuously, but don’t focus too much on the score. You achieve much more if you take action based on the insights obtained, in all organization layers. How to take the step from measuring to improvement? Align your organisation so that you are able to make improvements on the following three levels.


Improve the knowledge and the know-how of your employees with a data driven organization, solve problems quicker and turn negative experiences directly into neutral or even positive experiences. Every day, 24/7.


Availability on the current state of affairs, in all layers is crucial. Make sure people in your organization spend their precious time on the right things. Create insightful KPI’s, but don’t just focus on the figures. Find out what the stories, emotions and motives are behind the measurements.


Feedback from customers and employees should provide input for strategic decision-making. Collection and analysis are very important. Do you know what to do on short notice and the long haul? Do some departments need training more than other departments? Is a manager perhaps not in the right place or department? Or thinking about reorganization of a department, a product improvement, a policy approach or introducing a new type of customer service.

The right insights for the right decisions, at any level

Use obtained insights to make improvements across all layers of your organization. Do not view this information as isolated information, but share this data and give your managers and employees the right information at the right time. So, anyone can make grounded decisions and invent solutions. Only then you will get the management and the whole organization in motion to think and act customer-oriented.

A successful CX program - from measuring to improving

Do you want to know more about how to get a grip on all data, customer and employee processes? And how to simply automate this and put it into practice? Then come to our knowledge session 'A successful CX program - from measuring to improving’ event on Tuesday, May the 21st, in which we hand grips on how to make the translation from obtained feedback to management and employees, from strategic to operational level. Tessa Pesulima from Carglass gives you perfect examples from their daily practice.

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