What is the use of data and insights if nothing is done with it at an operational and strategic level? And what do those insights deliver and manage on the right KPIs and objectives? We will elaborate on this in this blog.

Respond continuously to the changing needs of the market

If you want to continuously respond to the changing market, periodic research does not provide enough structural insight. Many organizations only examine once a year what customers and employees think of their company. You will obtain a lot of information from that, so you can adjust your strategy in the long term. But to make adjustments in the short term, you do not manage with just an annual survey. The experiences of customers are fading and employees cannot respond directly to the expectations and complaints from customers. Then you are always overtaken by events.

As a customer-oriented organization it is important to continuously collect feedback from customers (Voice of Customer), employees (Voice of Employee) and to steer and improve business operations by focusing on hard KPIs and quality management (Voice of Business). Then you can actually make an impact. Furthermore, design your organization in such a way that you can continuously implement improvements at the following three levels:


Ensure that management decisions are made based on the data. Support choices by analyzing the correct data or feedback source.


Availability on the current state of affairs, in all layers, is crucial. Make sure that people in your organization spend their valuable time on the right things. Make KPIs transparent, not just the numbers, but especially the drivers.


Every day a data-driven organization can make individuals better, problems are resolved more quickly and negative experiences are directly converted into neutral or even positive ones. Every day, 24/7.

What does continuous research deliver?

By knowing what the needs of your customers and your employees are and continuously mapping hard KPIs and figures and bringing them together in one overview or system, you always know at a glance where improvements are needed to achieve operational excellence , to keep your customers and employees enthusiastic and to promote sales growth. And that gives you the following, per pillar of Experience Management:

Voice of Business

Make sure the basics are in order and improve your business operations by steering on hard KPIs and quality management. That provides the following:

  • Fewer complaints about quality
  • Correct insights and priorities
  • Basics are in order

Voice of Customer

Listen to your customers and continuously implement targeted improvements at all organizational levels. That results in:

  • Positive word of mouth
  • Better online reputation
  • More income
  • Lower failure costs
  • Fewer complaints
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Lower acquisition costs

Voice of Employee

Know what makes employees enthusiastic, what gives them energy and continuously respond to that and you can see that in:

  • Less sick leave
  • Higher productivity
  • Customer-oriented culture
  • Enthusiastic customers

Every organization understands that managing based on hard KPIs, and customer and employee feedback, delivers a lot and you actually create a customer-oriented organization by doing this. Want to know more? Download the whitepaper below.

import_contacts Whitepaper

Download 'Get a grip on hard KPIs, customers and employees and manage based on the right insights'

Every organization wants a long term relationship and enthusiastic customers and employees. But how do you achieve that? And how do you get the right insights so you can act on it and what does this all bring you?

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