Monday, March 23rd, the day on which RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) announced additional measures to prevent further spread of the Corona virus. "Immediately after the press conference we went to work, on Tuesday I contacted CYS and on Wednesday morning our Corona checklist was online", said Henri Kamp, Project Coordinator at Coop. "There was no time to test."

Corona checklist

In addition to the fact that stores are obliged to take measures to ensure that people keep their distance, for example through a door policy, hygiene is an important point of attention. By means of a checklist, more than 300 Coop supermarkets check all hygiene measures and precautions on a daily basis, for example whether the door policy is maintained, whether the hygiene instructions are followed and whether all posters and stickers are attached in the right places. “And this in addition to the regular activities and the crowds we are dealing with. The Christmas period is nothing in comparison,” says Henri.


Mobile app

To complete the Corona checklist , store employees use the CYS mobile app. For each question, if necessary, a photo or video can be added for clarification. Henri: “The app makes filling in the checklist very easy. Colleagues in the stores are working with it for the first time, but everyone understands how it works. And because everything is done digitally, processing the results is no longer necessary. This saves us a lot of time.”

Real-time insight into the results of over 300 stores

Different layers within the organization have real-time insight into whether all measures in the stores are being followed up.


Henri: “We have a 'Corona dashboard', including an infographic, which provides insight into the results for district and regional managers and the management team. Per store, per region and for the entire organization, we can keep track of whether support is needed, and if so, where. We also receive a trigger mail within a few seconds upon completion of the list. Everything to avoid fines, or in the worst case, store closure. ”


About Coop

Coop is a cooperative and has over 300 stores in the Netherlands, both its own branches as well as supermarkets managed by independent entrepreneurs. The supermarkets operate under the names of Coop, CoopCompact and Coop Vandaag. Coop Online is by far the 'largest store' within the organization.

Coop uses the CYS software not only for digital audits and checks, but also for customer research.

About CYS

At CYS, we have been helping companies optimize customer experience and results for more than 15 years. Our Research, Data and Visualization software helps you collect, combine and visualize all relevant insights from customers, employees and the organization.

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