As a customer-oriented organization it is important that you investigate what customers and employees think about your organization. Insight into what motivates your customers and employees will give you as an organization the tools to implement improvements on an operational, tactical and strategic level. But how do you collect those insights and how do you activate and motivate your employees in order to get more loyal customers and more engaged employees? You can read more about that in this blog.

Continuous customer and employee research

It’s important that you as an organization have continuous insight into what customers and employees think about your organization. Periodic examinations give you insights with which the organization can be adjusted and improved in the long run. But in case of a negative review or complaint, you’ll be too late. You’ll always be one step behind and complaints can no longer be solved. In addition, a periodic examination often only covers part of your customer base.

The calculation example below taken from 'Understanding Customers' by Ruby Newell-Legner shows what continuous customer research can mean for your organization. By constantly listening to the Voice of Customer, you can also prevent customers from choosing for your competitors and why. And you also collect positive feedback that you can use to motivate employees and improve your online reputation. A compliment from a customer is extremely motivating.


Replace long researches with technologies and techniques

By making sure all processes are automated and bringing together all insights from customers, employees and your organization, into one system, it will take little effort to collect and analyze the insights.

The advice from Forrester in Correcter’s advice report ‘Modernize your customer research’ is as follows:

"Replace lengthy researches that many organizations dread by applying technologies and techniques and integrate them effectively into the daily workflow."

Make sure you link existing data to research data in order to do the right analyzes and make sure your methodology is focused on priorities, so that you know exactly what needs to be improved per department, location or employee at any given time.

Share insights in a fun way and motivate employees

Results and KPIs will only make sense if they are received in the right place in the organization. Only then you can expect employees to work with the data. Share insights within the organization and ensure that data is made as visual as possible by avoiding boring tables and graphs, but working with manageable reports or infographics.

Motivate employees by forwarding compliments from customers directly and automatically to the right employees. Compliments are extremely motivating and can be seen as exemplary behavior.

Translate the priorities for business improvements, for example, into (online) training courses to structurally increase the knowledge and know-how of your employees. Make sure that training sessions are easily available and follow the progress of the people who take these training sessions. Provide employees with structural tools to do better work, because it increases job satisfaction and they also show this enthusiasm to your customers!

Take the step from measuring to improving

By knowing what the needs of your customers and your employees are and continuously mapping out hard KPIs and figures and bringing them together into one overview, you’ll always know at a glance what and where you need to improve to achieve operational excellence. This way you can also keep customers and employees enthusiastic and in turn you can promote sales growth. Only then your organization can take the step from measuring to improving, you create loyal customers and engaged employees and you’ll always stay one step ahead of the competition. 

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