You want to create a questionnaire? Or set up an audit or checklist? It obviously has to look professional and fit in with your research method and company, but you don't want to spend too much time on it. In the video below, Birgit explains how easy this is with the help of her favorite CYS feature: the intuitive questionnaire builder.

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Step 1 to create a survey

Before you start making a survey, it is important to consider a few things. What will the goal of your survey be? Who is your target group, what do you want to know and from whom? And what information do you want to get out of it? Based on the answers to these questions, you can determine the type of research, which types of questions you need and which questions you need to ask in order to get this information. This is the first step before you start setting up your survey. This step is also important for the analysis and reporting afterwards, to make sure that you collect the insights you need.

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A piece of cake

Once you've identified the goal, you can start building your survey. Of course, you want it to look as professional as possible and fit your company's identity. How do you do that, without spending a lot of time on it?

That's why CYS has developed the 'intuitive questionnaire builder’! This allows the creation of powerful and responsive surveys, as well as audits, forms and checklists, making it a piece of cake for everyone. You can set these up in no time, in your own corporate identity, without needing any html or programming knowledge. And you can easily add language variants, routing and rules yourself, making it feel as if the survey was made for the respondent.

How does this questionnaire builder work?

So how does our feature work exactly? When you create your survey in the software, there are four pages ready for you, which are important for every survey.

  • A homepage, the first page that the respondent sees when they go to your survey. Here, you can add an introduction and address the respondent personally.
  • An end page, which the respondent will see when he has answered all questions. You can thank your respondent for their cooperation on this page.
  • A 'complete page', which is shown to those respondents who try to fill in your survey for the second time.
  • A 'time elapsed page', which is shown when the survey is no longer active.

This means you don't have to think about these standard pages! All you have to do is adjust these pages to your own needs and give them the desired look and feel.

Adding questions

Adding new pages and questions is easy. We've done the thinking for you, and you can select many standard questions. Simple questions, such as 'single response' questions, open questions but also more complex question types, such as root cause and KPI questions, or checklists with video and photo support. Each question type is fully designed, all you have to do is focus the question on your company or situation and add your own branding, ensuring it is clear to the person filling it out who the sender is.

Smart routing and personalization

Finally, you can easily add smart bits and pieces. For example, routing that respond to the answers given, or based on your respondent's characteristics. And based on predefined conditions, you can easily lead respondents to different pages in your jumps & skips questionnaire. Finally, you can fully personalize the survey either by name and surname or by referring to the interaction they've had with your company. You can read more about this in the blog ‘Boost the response rate of your survey with personalization’.


Creating a survey, audit or checklist isn't easy. You have to think about a lot of things and it can take a lot of time to set up. CYS will make it easy for you. Our questionnaire builder is easy to use, intuitive and saves you a lot of time in setting up your survey. Each question type is ready to use and contains useful standard functionality. With this feature, creating professional questionnaires, forms and checklists will be a piece of cake!

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