In the previous blog we extensively discussed the conditions for a successful Voice of Customer and Voice of Employee program. By implementing improvements at the operational, tactical and strategic level for the optimization of customer experience, you actually make the step from measuring to improving. And it is important that you continuously measure, analyse, implement follow-up actions and thus motivate your employees and your customer, the so-called "Experience Management Loop". Only then you will make an impact. How do you approach that in practice? We will elaborate on this in this blog.

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A successful movement towards customer focus only has value if something actually happens with the collected insights from customers and employees. This is only possible if "putting the customer first" as a project or measuring a certain KPI, like NPS, is no longer seen as a goal in itself and is imposed from above. Data only comes alive with your employees and management if you give them real-time and continuous insight into the "why behind the figure" with storytelling and real-time insights into the feedback from respondents. Ensure that the Experience Management Loop is constantly in motion by continuous and automated measuring, analysing, activating and motivating.


Continuous and automated measurement

When collecting customer feedback and measuring employee engagement, it is very important that you do this on a continuous basis. If you do this on a periodic or (semi) annual basis, reports often come too late to be able to respond to calamities or (negative) feedback. If you collect structural feedback, you know at all times what the customer focus of your organization is like and you can implement targeted improvements immediately. Make sure that respondents are not over-questioned and that unnecessary questions are not presented to them. Use short and powerful questionnaires (preferably based on predefined KPIs). And automate these processes so that the next "Analysing" phase can always be continuous and in real-time. That way you always have the right insights without discussions as to whether the information is correct.


For the analysis it is important that you simply see priorities for improvement. With a clear and well-arranged priority overview you can see at a glance what you need to do at a strategic, tactical or operational level for a higher customer experience or employee engagement. Through a driver analysis you also know not only what the needs of your respondents are, but also why they have those wishes and what you can do to respond to this. For example, what do customers mean by "correctness of delivery"? As quickly as possible? Or where and when the customer wants it? Or why is the energy level of your employees so low? Understand what your target audience means by supporting all drivers with real stories from the open answers. That says so much more than just a number!


The correct data is now continuously and automatically collected and analysed, but only at a high level. To make the step from measuring to improving, you will have to activate the organization with targeted points for improvement. Therefore link the feedback to the organizational structure (departments, locations, employees, etc.) and process and product information. This way you know exactly at which level improvements need to be made in your organization.


Your organization now knows where and which improvements need to be implemented. But how do you get and keep the organization and your employees motivated to continuously work on the points for improvement? You can do that in different ways. Via triggers & alerts you immediately share the feedback or complaint with employees and they can take immediate action on it. If the case is closed, you can (if desired) have a follow-up measurement sent to the customer or employee to request feedback again (Closed Loop Feedback). Turn complaints into an opportunity and compliments from customers are extremely motivating for your employees. And with gamification you bring numbers and goals to life. A powerful tool that challenges employees to learn from- and to motivate each other. 

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