In May and June we organized the knowledge session 'A successful CX program - from measurement to improvement' twice, with the success story of Carglass, presented by Tessa Pesulima. During these sessions, one question was asked several times: how do you involve the rest of the organization to customer experience? How do I make sure that customer experience becomes something of the entire company and not just the CX manager, or the person responsible for it? A number of tips came out of this, which we have listed for you in this blog.

Ensure that it is supported by management and support it as an organization

Make sure the management team is involved and put it as a fixed item on the agenda of every meeting. If customer experience is not top of the priority list for the senior management team, then it is unlikely this will be different for the rest of the organization. And by involving various departments in the plans and ideas, it does not stay in the board room.

Make it relevant

Communicate the right data and feedback to the right people. The location manager in Groningen wants to know exactly how things are going with that location and is not interested in the Net Promoter Score of the entire company. And an employee at that location wants to know exactly what his own results are. So make sure that employees have continuous access to their own customer data and the associated customer feedback, preferably daily or for a maximum of a few days. Then it is still fresh in their memory.

Have it structurally come back, as part of the work

Try to consult regularly with employees about how customers have experienced the contact and turn it into a ‘ritual’. Ensure that employees regularly - preferably daily - have insight into the customer experiences. For example, every Monday morning, go through the most positive and the most negative feedback per employee. Do not just talk about the NPS results, but also about the stories and the emotion behind the figure. That says much more about what moves the customer.

Make it fun and positive

Focus on positive customer feedback instead of just handling the complaints. Individual positive customer feedback is very motivating, but it is also very educational for colleagues. They can learn something from this when dealing with customers. With gamification you can bring figures and objectives to life and employees are challenged to learn from each other and to motivate each other.


Follow up on feedback

Make actual improvements based on customer feedback. And share the improvements that have been made with the customer and within the organization. So that not only the customer sees that something is being done with his feedback, but also the internal organization.

Hire employees who have it in them

Tessa Pesulima said during the knowledge sessions: "We can learn technology, but the DNA of Carglass is in you or not." By hiring employees who have the intrinsic motivation to serve customers, your organization as a whole automatically becomes more customer-oriented. They are often more interested in what the customer has to say about them and are more inclined to do something with that.

Be consistent and persistent

Whichever KPI or system your organization chooses to use for measuring and improving the customer focus, you need to stick to that. Don’t look too much at the score, but much more at the rise or fall of the score. Draw conclusions from this, find out what causes the rise or fall and act on it as a whole organization. Therefore, as an entire organization, accept that this will be your starting point with which you generate comparison material for the long term and which you keep your focus on.

These are just a few tips to get the organization involved in customer experience and customer feedback. Do you want more ideas and examples to motivate the organization? Download our E-book ‘A successful CX program - from measurement to improvement’

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