Customer feedback is more important than ever. The voice of the customer shows if you meet your customer's expectations. In this blog we share 9 short and practical tips for a successful customer feedback strategy.

Tip 1: Determine the right KPI

There are different KPI’s for customer feedback. It is important to use the right KPI for the right process. Useful KPI’s are:

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The Net Promoter Score measures customer loyalty to your company, based on a simple key question: How likely is it that you recommend us (product/company) to a friend or colleague?

CES (Customer Effort Score)

The Customer Effort Score shows how much effort the customer made to get a question answered or a problem solved. This score is suitable to obtain experiences with your service.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)

The Customer Satisfaction Score measures satisfaction during the entire customer journey without bothering your customers with long questionnaires.

With the software of CYS you can measure all common customer KPI’s. For example, measuring the NPS is suitable after a purchase and measuring the CES is suitable when there has been contact with the customer service department. Think carefully when you want to use which KPI.

Tip 2: Short customer feedback questionnaire

As little hassle as possible, that is what makes customer happy. Keep it simple with a short questionnaire. With CYS you are able to get the insights you are looking for with a short and innovative questioning process based on the Root Cause Analysis Method. By asking only 3 questions you’ll find out why the customer gave you a score.

Tip 3: Link your internal customer data

Every organization has a lot of data available. Use this data! Analyze your internal data files  and connect them to the feedback of your customers. This way you don't have to ask unnecessary questions and it provides the right information that can be translated into follow-up tasks per department or individual employee level.

Tip 4: Use customer feedback for improvement

Make sure you have a clear and transparent priority overview even per department or even per employee, based on the feedback. This allows you to structurally implement improvements on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

Tip 5: Respond to both positive and negative customer feedback

Instruct every employee on how to deal with negative and positive feedback. Use one-on-one follow up at an individual level. Closed loop feedback is important for a better customer experience. A great one-on-one follow up with detractors and promoters can make the difference

Tip 6: Don’t focus too much on the score

Don’t focus too much on a high score! It is important to know the story behind the score. The follow-up questions tell much more about your customers. With the implementation of a feedback strategy in your organization, the score will increase automatically. Instruct your employees and ensure that feedback will be brought to live in your organization.

Tip 7: Get inspired by open answers

Open answers tell much more about your customers than just the score itself. The customer provides information about the story behind the score. This manner of storytelling is perfect to see where to improve. The customer also shows his emotions to which the employees in your organization can easily respond. Make impact by using open answers!

Tip 8: Involve employees in customer feedback

By involving individual employees in customer feedback, it provides a higher energy level, a great structure and a bigger challenge. Involve employees in every possible way to make customer feedback tangible. Bring this to life and ensure that your employees will use it to improve.

Tip 9: Collect customer feedback on a continuous basis

By continuously collecting customer feedback, you will get clear insights in the needs and wishes of your customer. Collect the feedback immediately for one-on-one follow up, translate it to the operation and use this information to make strategic decisions. Using the Voice of the Customer on a daily basis will contribute to a more customer centric organization.

Want to start with customer feedback?

Implementing the Voice of the Customer into your organization is not done overnight, but is definitely possible for every company. After all, your customers are the heart of your organization, so listen to them and emphasize on their feedback.

Do you want to start with customer feedback? A good a good software tool is indispensable. Read our blog with five tips to pay attention to when selecting the right feedback solution or sign up for our webinar below. 

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