Imagine that a hotel has beautiful rooms in a great location for a good price, but at the reception you find only grumpy employees. Or the hotel employees are just great but the rooms are very filthy. In both cases you have a negative customer experience and you will never go to the hotel in question again.

In order to be able to offer optimal customer experience as a company, there are several influential factors. The relationship between customer, employee and company should be in balance. It is imperative that there is overall satisfaction on all sides. Take a critical look at all points of contact within your organization and 'listen' to both your customers and your employees. Discover where things can be improved and who or what you need to pay attention to in order to improve customer experience. But how do you do this?

The customer: Voice of the Customer

When consumers are voicing something, they expect you to listen, and listen carefully. Once you understand what their needs and expectations are, you must work out strategies to meet them. The Voice of Customer (VoC) informs you about customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer enthusiasm. The VoC also clearly informs you about good or bad experiences concerning your services/products.

Ask customers to share their ideas, and offer new suggestions/improvements that would make the customer experience better. Do not take VoC lightly, because you can never become a leader in your industry if you fail to comprehend that customer-perceived quality is what drives the success of any business.

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The employee: Voice of the Employee

Another voice deserves attention too. It is the Voice of the Employee (VoE). Human interaction makes or breaks the quality of the overall customer experience. This is evident from the example above and many other examples. It’s the employees who make the difference. They should get the best to give the best. You want them to perform optimally and be involved and enthusiastic. But how enthusiastic and loyal are your employees?

Employees may speak out openly about needs such as healthcare, wages, savings for retirement, etc. However, they have unspoken needs too. These include, among other things, receiving respect from supervisors and co-workers, as well as job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction and employee engagement often have to do with the employee’s own levels of responsibility and freedom. These issues play a major role in the involvement and energy levels of your employees.

Employee Engagement, what does it mean and how do you improve it?

How enthusiastic and loyal are your employees? Measure the energy levels of your employees and ask yourself if your company culture is in line with the kind of customer experience you aspire to. Compliments help to motivate and increase enthusiasm, while feedback gives people intrinsic reasons to change their behavior and improve customer experience.

Your organization: Voice of Business

Apart from VoC and VoE, is there a third voice? Yes, there is, and it is that of your business! We call it, Voice of Business (VoB). In order to be able to offer optimal customer experience, the fundamental aspects of your business must be considered. These are called 'hygiene' factors. The hotel rooms must be clean, the stock sufficient and of course market share and profitability are also important.

The hard facts of your business complete the picture! Sales and financial data show you the impact of enthusiastic customers and employees on your overall company goals.

The umbrella of customer experience

With regard to VoC and VoE, it is imperative that you comprehend how they interact with one another. Yes, your customers interact with your employees. Therefore, your consumer experience management should ensure that these meetings yield positive results, and not negative ones. Add VoB to the other two voices, and you will comprehend how you to gain a return on investment through Customer Experience Management. 

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