In the previous blog we covered everything about customer satisfaction and measuring it. In this blog, you can read how to set up a customer satisfaction survey with CYS in 4 simple steps and how to make the step from measuring to improving.

After reading this blog you know:

  • what the goal of customer satisfaction research is
  • which method CYS uses for customer satisfaction research
  • how to set up a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire in CYS
  • What to pay attention to when conducting customer satisfaction surveys

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Goal customer satisfaction research

Measuring customer satisfaction provides insight into the extent to which you meet your customers' expectations. This is very important for organizations that want to work in a customer-oriented way. Focusing on this is of great benefit to organizations. More satisfied customers, who come back and recommend your service to others and motivate employees. And more turnover. The goal of customer satisfaction research is to focus on those processes that can be improved.

Step 1 | Short questionnaire customer satisfaction research

One of the oldest and most popular KPIs to measure customer satisfaction is the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). The CYS customer satisfaction survey is based on this method.

Read all about the Customer Satisfaction Score in the blog 'CSAT, what is it exactly and how do you use it?'

Do you want to measure customer satisfaction based on this KPI? Make sure to not bother the customer with a lot of questions, but make sure you have a short questionnaire. Don't ask too many questions, nor superfluous questions.

CYS has a unique approach towards market research. With a short and attractive questionnaire, we can asses and report back on no less than 64 different categories. This allows your organization to obtain the necessary information without bugging the customers with long and complicated questionnaires.

Example customer satisfaction survey questions

Question 1: : Based on your experience, how satisfied are you with our store / company / product? CSAT-question-1At CSAT the focus is on specific interactions such as the purchase of a product or delivery of a service. You ask how satisfied your customers are with a certain recent experience. For this question you use a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 stands for 'completely dissatisfied' and 10 for 'very satisfied'.

Question 2: Could you please share with us the reason why you feel this way?CSAT-question-2The second question asks for an explanation of the score just given. This question may be different for someone who is very satisfied or dissatisfied. This information is very valuable and says much more than a score. Employees and other stakeholders get a deep insight into the story and the emotion behind the score.

Question 3: Which of the factors mentioned below best captures your explanation? 
CSAT-question-3The third question is the Root Cause question. On the basis of this information the motives can be made clear. A motive that is often chosen is very important for customer satisfaction. If the score is high, it is good, if the score is (too) low then there is room for improvement.

Questions 4, 5 and 6: To what extent are you satisfied with ... CSAT-question-4At the end of our customer satisfaction survey questionnaire, a number of propositions for additional insights follow, which are answered on a five-point scale. You can adapt these statements to your own situation.

Step 2 | Adapt customer satisfaction survey to your own situation

You will find a complete customer satisfaction questionnaire in the CYS software, which you can adapt to your own organization or situation. You can add questions or statements and if that is valuable for your organization, you can easily add multiple languages or import your own language. In addition, you can adapt the survey to your own corporate identity to make it recognizable.

Step 3 | Collecting responses

The third step of your customer satisfaction survey consists of collecting responses. With CYS you can choose from several ways, for example a personal e-mail invitation or a link to place on your website or social media. Or download for a QR code, which you can use in printed materials in your shop or at a trade fair. Choose the medium that suits your organization and the people you ask for feedback.

Step 4 | Improve customer satisfaction

In many organizations, measuring stops with the focus on the score, but the feedback from the open and follow-up answers is important. You discover what is going well in the organization and where improvements can be made. If you really want to make a difference and distinguish yourself, it is not only important that you know to what extent your customers are satisfied. It is about what you do with the information from your research and how you can improve customer satisfaction.

Pay attention to the following things in your customer satisfaction survey:

  • Ask only a few questions, so that your customers don't have to bother with long surveys.
  • Let customer stories come to life by sharing insights within the organization
  • Share information quickly and specifically with the right people within the organization
  • Enrich insights from your customer satisfaction survey with CRM and customer data
  • Provide a clear and well-organized overview of priorities per department, location or employee, allowing you to know what needs to be improved.
  • Avoid thick reports that end up at the bottom of the drawer but visualize data with attractive dashboards or real time infographics.


Measuring customer satisfaction provides insight into the extent to which your organization meets the expectations of your customers. With CYS, you set up customer satisfaction research in 4 simple steps. You can read how to do this in this blog. Want to know more? Download the whitepaper or try our customer satisfaction research program 30 days for free. 

Customer Satisfaction Research

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