We are very proud to announce that CYS has officially obtained the ISO 27001 Certification, the worldwide standard for Information Security. A confirmation of what we have always committed ourselves to; after all, data is the core of our existence! ‘With the new privacy legislation and security issues, more and more questions from customers and suppliers arise about how we deal with the security of data. By achieving this ISO 27001 certification, we have demonstrated that we handle their data safely and that gives us confidence", explains Emmy van Doornmalen, Security Officer at CYS.

Information security in all levels of the organization

The great advantage of this ISO 27001 Certification is that we describe in a process-based manner how our own information and the information of our customers are systematically protected in our software. This makes this process transparent for all stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and our own employees.

Based on 114 points and an attachment with best practices, the existing CYS information security process has been assessed by an independent agency. Various areas have been described such as compliance with legislation, technical adjustment, what the approach to safety incidents is and for example, how we deal with different types of information and classifications. The requirements are also strict in the HR field: How do you select people? How do you make employees aware of the safe handling of data?

"This ISO certification is also increasingly being conducted internally, certainly because every employee has to deal with data in one way or another. We make our employees aware of the impact they have and how they should deal with them," says Emmy.

Continuously monitoring and improving

Another side of this ISO certification is that this so-called Information Security Management System (ISMS) is also aimed at continuous monitoring and improving. "That way, as an organization, you achieve a fixed routine to systematically secure information", explains Emmy.

Taco van der Pompe, CEO of CYS, enthusiastically comments: "I am very pleased that we have achieved this special milestone all together. Such a certification by an independent agency gives a huge boost to our credibility. Data security has always had great priority, but now it has been made transparent and even measurable."

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