For the second time in a row CYS is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This year we receive the FD Gazellen Award for the second year in a row. 

B34A0335Taco van der Pompe, CEO: "We are extremely proud, like last year, to be one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Especially because the FD, the biggest financial newspaper in the Netherlands, has tightened up the criteria in order to be qualified. This strengthens our confidence that we are on the right track. And it is a big compliment for our entire team. There can't be results without enthusiastic and committed employees.”

CYS Group

More companies realize it is becoming more and more difficult to make a difference based on price or product. Jeroen Rietberg, CCO: “The difference is made by offering an ultimate experience for your customers and employees. This is only possible when all experience related processes are measured continuously and effortlessly and this is where CYS Group can help.”

CYS Services

The CYS Services team contributed to achieve this award as well. “CYS Services offers the best software solutions available worldwide, that enable companies to offer the best possible service to their customers. This part of our company is growing enormously as well”, says Joachim Beckmann, COO.

FD Gazellen

Every year the FD Gazellen Awards are awarded to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. A number of criteria need have to be met in order to qualify for this award, amongst which is a minimum turnover growth of 20% over a period of three years.

“We are looking forward to receive the award on the 8th of November”, says Taco. 

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