An important, and sometimes a bit underexposed part of the CYS software is the Data Garden. You probably think: ‘What? The Data Garden?’ In this blog, we explain what this is and what it is used for. Watch the video or read more below the video.


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Data, the most important asset

At CYS, we believe that data is the most important asset for companies. Especially when you want to make data-driven decisions and deliver your customers and employees an ultimate experience, every day, with every contact.

Company data is like a garden, hence the name ‘Data Garden’. To truly enjoy its beauty, it is crucial to take care of it, maintain the roots and give love and understanding to it.

The base of CYS' Data Garden is that you can get a lot of data in, like the name suggests. You can combine, manage and expand these and export if necessary. This can all be done automatically, so you don't have to think of it and go beyond managing your data, so the value and use increases.

Data Gardening tools

To get the most out of your company data CYS provides you with a lot of data gardening tools. Imagine a closet full of tools that help you maintain your garden of data. 

Import and collect data 

Every organization has a lot of data available. To be able to analyze and visualize these, you need to combine all relevant data sources.


CYS provides you with data gardening tools for importing data, both manually and automatically, like (API) connections and integrations. All data can be transformed immediately during the import or with automated processes at pre-set times.  

Besides importing data, with the intuitive and easy to use ‘questionnaire tool’ collecting data is very easy by setting up your own research or digital audits and checks.

All imported and collected data can be used in your research programs and dashboard visualizations to bring it to life within your organization.

Combine and improve data


Different sources store data in different ways. This makes deduplicating, transforming and enhancing a time-consuming task. By combining sources and structure and optimize our data automatically, you will save a lot of time and the value and use of your data increases enormously.


Automated processes can help you to restructure and manage your data. Lookup data, change these based on logic, change the record status and send trigger mails or alerts, it is all possible. 

Visualize data 

Finally, the software offers ‘tools’ for visualizing data in real-time,  with for example infographics and widget-based dashboards. Or you can export it to other software or databases.


To make data-driven decisions, it is crucial to maintain your ‘garden’ and take care of it. The CYS’ Data Garden provides you with ‘gardening tools’ for the importing, combining and improving your data automatically. This increases the value and use, so your data will come to life within the organization.

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