Part 2 of our three-part blog post series about ISO and quality management is a very special one. We reveal four of our best kept secrets. About how you can digitize your ISO checklist with our software.

Secret 1: Collecting data 24/7 becomes very easy…

How do auditors and other users currently complete checks? How efficient is that process? How much control is required for this? And do you get the most out of the data it contains? In other words, does it really lead to improvements?

With CYS, questionnaires and audits can always be completed with a mobile phone or tablet. This makes filling out forms very easy for auditors and other users.

Secret 2: View your quality measurements continuously and in real time

How are ISO checks and other quality measurements performed in your organization? Are they done manually? Is paper used 'on the go'? Are there different systems involved? The impact of your quality measurements increases when you conduct continuous and automated research into quality.

The CYS software allows you to have continuous and real-time insight into the status and results of quality measurements. No more switching between systems and no more need to play catch-up.

Secret 3: Always insight into points of improvement…

Do you always have insight into the points of improvement? Including a photo, so that it is clear at a glance what it is about and to prevent discussions afterwards? We see in practice what a difference clear communication makes. Photos or videos speak volumes. And - while we are at it - an extra tip: Determine in advance the margins within which an assessment is right or wrong, so that there is no uncertainty about it afterwards.

Secret 4: Follow-up tasks automatically go to the right person

Is everyone in the organization involved in improving quality? With the CYS software, follow-up tasks are automatically distributed to the right people and their progress can be easily monitored. All you have to do is make a conscious choice. Does it concern an improvement of the organization as a whole, a process or a product? Who is in charge of that?

The software also helps you to create a clear and automated overview with points of improvement based on predefined conditions. Think of margins and KPIs per department, location or employee. This allows you to steer structurally on a strategic, operational and individual level.

We have also summarized the examples below in a video.


What does CYS have to offer to ensure that you are really able to improve quality? You have read about it in this blog post. The next and final part of this blog post series about ISO and quality management consists of a series of videos in which some of CYS's specialists talk about their favorite features.

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