You know that your customers are important and you know that you have to meet their expectations by listening to them. But do not forget those who make customer satisfaction and customer loyalty possible; your employees! They are in direct contact with your customers, so make sure your employees feel involved, satisfied and happy to work for the organization. Committed and customer-oriented employees are the basis for a good customer experience.

There was a time when employees really embraced their organizations. They were proud of their work and felt personal joy and pride about the success of the company. That is different today. And it is no longer a question of 'Where can I work?', but 'Which employer will offer me what I want?' This is certainly the case for millenniums. Before they start working somewhere new, they first think about the 'why'. Why do I do what I do and at which company can I do that? Employees want to contribute to a 'higher goal', they do not work to just earn a living. Confidence and self-esteem also play an increasingly important role in work ethics. In addition, the average working period at a company is now 3 years, job-hopping is the order of the day.

Motivating employees - the big challenge

All these changes offer new challenges for HR and CX Manager, who are responsible for employee engagement. Finding and motivating employees is harder than ever.

"Only 24 percent of all employees fall into the category 'Highly engaged' and another 39 percent can be classified as 'Moderately engaged', making the score for global engagement 63 percent compared to 65 percent the year before."

Source: Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report 2016

So how do you motivate employees to continually give their best and stay enthusiastic, day in and day out? An annual survey by CareerBliss 'Happiest Companies in America' shows that high salaries and secondary conditions such as many holidays and bonuses do not provide the happiest employees. They are happy with good incentive programs and focus on career development alongside a good balance between work and private life. The companies that have put their focus on this, have been named the 'happiest organizations' of America by their own employees.

How do you measure employee engagement?

There are many ways to keep your employees enthusiastic. But how do you put that into practice? How do you measure employee engagement and how can you actually get started with these data? You do this with a sophisticated 'Voice of Employee program'.

An effective VoE program gives an insight into the needs of the employees, what they run into and how they feel. Also, how towards colleagues and managers and how they think about your organization as a whole. Based on these insights, you can take targeted actions to let your employees flourish within your company.

In addition, it gives you tools to bring in and keep the right talents. This makes it easier to deal with your employees, to enthuse them and to keep them motivated.

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