In the past year, we have developed a lot of nice features that we like to share with you. This blog will learn you all about Esther’s favorite feature: Follow up tasks

This feature helps to improve the customer experience, employee engagement or quality by activating the organization with follow-up tasks, which are created automatically. 

Watch the video below in which Esther explains why this is her favorite feature, how it works, and what the results are. Do you prefer to read? Below the video, you can find the video transcription.

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Why is this your favorite feature?

This feature can be used for closed-loop feedback, case management, or it makes it possible to create a task related to your research.

Based on any preset condition, for example, a low score or a complaint, CYS will automatically add a task. This task can be assigned to a specific employee. And the manager can monitor if the task gets resolved in time and in a satisfactory way.

How to use Follow up tasks?

You can connect one or multiple follow-ups or tasks to your research or use it as a stand-alone task system. follow-up-tasks-how-to-use
The Follow-up widget, which can be added to your dashboard, shows all the tasks that have been assigned to you. Make notes to record your progress and categorize the tasks based on variables you can set yourself.

The Dynamic Rule Engine allows you to alert the concerned employee and managers when needed.

What are the results?

This feature enables your organization to detect a complaint, an improvement, or a problem early in the process. And to solve it before it will harm the customer or employee experience. 

It makes it possible to automatically activate the organization to improve your customer experience, employee engagement, or quality.

About CYS

CYS offers one software solution for all your Research, Data, and Visualizations. We are very proud of the great features we have developed over the past year. Follow up tasks is one of them.

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