In the past year, we have developed a lot of nice features that we like to share with you. In this blog, you can read all about Mariah's favorite feature: KPI's and Calculations.

CYS offers all possible standard calculations, KPI’s and formulas. You can select the ones that you want to use in your dashboards, so everybody in the organization makes the same comparisons. The software automatically calculates the results, that are shown in your dashboards and infographics

Watch the video below in which Mariah explains why this is her favorite feature, how it works, and what the results are. Do you prefer to read? Below the video, you can find the video transcription.

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Why is this your favorite feature?

This useful feature offers many options for reporting. You decide which KPIs and formulas, reporting years, and reporting periods you want to use in your dashboards. By doing this, you are sure that everybody makes the same comparisons.

All standard calculations and possible reporting years and periods are available. You don’t have to make any calculations or adjustments yourself. CYS automatically calculates all results that are shown in real-time on your dashboard.

How to use KPI's and Calculations

Within your portal settings, you can select the reporting years and reporting frequency.

On the tab next to this, you can select the calculations, KPI’s and Formula’s method that the software will allow in reporting. By doing this, all users will be able to use the settings you selected.

Some examples of calculations, KPI’s and formula’s that are available in the software are:

What are the results?

This easy to use feature allows you to report any way you want as you can choose from a wide range of KPI's and formulas, reporting years and periods. It makes it possible to get the most out of your data without having to make any calculations yourself.


About CYS

CYS offers one software solution for all your research, data, and visualizations. We are very proud of the features we have developed over the past year. KPI's and Calculations is one of them.

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