In the past year, we have developed a lot of nice features that we like to share with you. This blog will learn you all about Werner’s favorite feature: Release and Version Management. 

With this feature, you can easily manage different versions of your research. After publishing a new version, data and feedback from respondents are automatically merged. If a respondent is halfway the questionnaire when publishing a new one, he or she is automatically redirected to the new version. Made a mistake? You can restore an old version with a single click of a button.

Watch the video below in which Werner explains why this is his favorite feature, how it works, and what the results are. Do you prefer to read? Below the video, you can find the video transcription.

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Why is this your favorite feature?

Thanks to this ingenious feature you can edit, approve, and release new versions of your questionnaire within seconds without any hiccup or delay in your continuous project. CYS automatically takes care of all the migrations and data merging.

How to use Release and Version Management?

Within your questionnaire, on the Test & Publish tab, you will find the different phases your questionnaire can be in. There are four phases: Edit, Test, Queue, and Live mode. In addition, your questionnaire can be Archived.release-and-version-management-how
You can move your questionnaire through different phases and have multiple versions running next to each other.

Once moved, the version numbers get updated automatically. Every version will be saved automatically, so nothing will be lost. If needed, you can always revert to a previous or an archived version.

What are the results?

With the ‘Release and version management’ feature, you are able to approve and release different versions of your survey or audit without any technical knowledge.


Data and feedback are managed, merged and migrated automatically without any hiccups in reporting. Even when respondents are halfway your questionnaire when releasing a new version, CYS routes them automatically to the new one.

About CYS

CYS offers one software solution for all your research, data, and visualizations. We are very proud of the features we have developed over the past year. Release and Version Management is one of them.

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