In part 1 of this blog series, we shared with you the necessary basics about audits. Part 2 covered the benefits of digitally setting up your audits. In this third and last part, you will learn how easy it is to set up your own audits in CYS.

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Step 1 of setting up your audit checklist 

The first step: determine what kind of information you would like to collect and choose the necessary corresponding question types. Audits can be about anything and relate to a product, process or system. The vast majority of audit methods and audit checklists however is based on just a couple of question types.

Predefined question types

We make it easy for you. We have added countless ready-to-use question types and pages to our software. It's only a matter of choice. Examples of predefined question types:

  • Image Checklist
    In an image checklist, you can present answer categories as images. Answering a question is easily done by clicking on the image. The answer display may consist of multiple icons, for example a red cross or green checkmark.
  • Condition checklist
    This question type is commonly used in the healthcare and hospitality industry, such as for hygiene measurements, temperature checks and inventory counts. By working with margins and conditions in your audit checklist, it will automatically be checked whether an entered value is correct. This helps to prevent discussions about the results later on.
  • Input Form
    Use this question form in your audit when you wish to collect information in various answer formats. It contains text fields for data, times, telephone numbers, comment fields and images.
  • Media page
    Use this question type when you or the auditor would like to add media files as proof of the findings. Think of screenshots, audio and video files. It's all possible.

Curious about all question types? Download the whitepaper

Watch the video below and discover just how easy it is to setup your own audit using the intuitive question list tool.

Step 2 of creating a digital version of your audit

As every audit is unique, you prefer software that offers the necessary flexibility. In addition to various question types, CYS also offers extra features that allow you to get the most out of your research.

Integrated scoring

Make use of the feature Scoring if you would give certain items more weight than others. By adding scores on a basis of a percentage or 10-point scale, you can add custom 'weight' to the questions in your audit checklist.

Would you like to learn more about integrated scoring? Watch the video below.


Another useful feature is adding multiple languages. This will certainly come in handy in an international setting.

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Step 3: plan your audit with the handy project planner

Manage your project with the handy Project Planner. With this, you can define the period within which your audit or checklist should be available, and for whom. You can also added (per user) quotas that must be met. Very convenient for periodic projects. 

Step 4: Conducting audits with the mobile app

Collecting data is done very easily using the mobile app. Publish your audits to the CYS Experience app and give colleagues and auditors access to specific sections. It is also possible to conduct audits using a mobile phone or tablet without an internet connection. 


By digitizing your audit, you will save a lot of time, and you will always have real-time insight into the status of your audit and any points of improvement. In this blog post, you can read how easy it is to setup a digital version of your audit in CYS. With the mobile app, it also becomes especially easy for colleagues and auditors to perform an audit. Would you like to know more? Download our whitepaper 


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