Achieve success with NPS part 5 of 7

In part 5 of the 7-part blog series about NPS, you can read how to fully embrace the NPS in your organization. Our specialist Mark Schepers provides you with tangible advice that will help you right away. Mark has years of experience in measuring customer loyalty at, among others, DELA and Carglass.

Make NPS just as important as other company results

In the previous part of this blog series, we gave 5 tips on how to improve your NPS results. This showed that customer loyalty must be on everybody's agenda. But what if that's not the case? After reading this part, you'll know how to get executives, managers and product and process owners to embrace NPS as a KPI. Mark explains why NPS is an interesting and important indicator for them.

Are we going too fast? Then read this info about NPS first.

Dear management, NPS tells you if they are working internally to improve the customer experience....

Mark: 'Members of the Executive Board are used to KPIs for, among other things, turnover, costs, sales results and sick leave. Present NPS as a KPI for the customer experience. Make clear how one is connected to the other. When there are changes in the organization, what is the effect on the customer experience? Has that been considered? Indeed, make it clear that a change in the organization shouldn't be at the expense of the customer experience. Make sure that the NPS remains at least the same, and does not turn out to be lower. It's preferable that changes lead to a higher NPS. Challenge the board members to look, in addition to the number, at the associated improvement processes. I visited a board meeting every month. I provided reports on the NPS development, the current situation and the objective. CYS' dashboard feature has been specially developed for this purpose. This enabled me to show trend developments, upwards and downwards. The management can use this as a direction.'

Dear managers, How well are daily operations going? Use NPS as an indicator...

'NPS should also have a permanent place in decision-making on the short and medium term strategy. Ensure that MT members and other managers can give substance to NPS results. In order to truly embrace NPS as a KPI, it's crucial that they understand the link (no, better: feel!) between the customer experience and their own responsibilities. Share the stories that emerge from the customer feedback and provide examples. What is the impact of daily decisions? This means preparing proper analyses in advance, investigating events and then explaining them. Hold sessions to link customer feedback to responsibilities over and over again. Was customer service difficult to reach due to a flu wave? Did a customer have to tell her story three times before she was helped? Make sure that managers receive immediate feedback and have daily access to the numbers. With the help of the CYS app, for example. Or via trigger-mails if there is a big fluctuation. CYS tooling can get the feedback to you. This makes NPS just as relevant and lively a KPI for managers as, for example, daily sales.'

Dear product or process owners, NPS is a good indicator of the quality of the product or process...

'How you get product owners to join in? For these employees, the substantive customer reactions are very interesting. What do customers say about 'their' product and that one specific feature? Are there things that customers appreciate or miss? The NPS trend is more relevant for process owners. Are processes getting better or do changes cause new problems? By choosing the root causes correctly and making smart use of background variables in the tooling, the NPS can be measured and reported specifically. So think carefully about setting up data and variables. Link your customer feedback not only to a department, but also to the (total) product. Or to the total process the customer has gone through. If a customer asked DELA a question, they looked at the channel through which the question came in. And which department was involved. This way you could really zoom in on where a change was needed, instead of getting bogged down in a large amount of data and 'vague' averages.'

Want to read more about Root Cause methodology? Download the NPS whitepaper.

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CYS has prepared your NPS research as well as possible. You can get started right away. Follow the advice in this blog and all layers of the organization understand the added value of NPS as a valuable KPI. In the next blog, Marc discusses 5 pitfalls you should avoid. 

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