The biggest insidious problem of our society, antibiotic resistance (according to the World Health Organization), is being tackled integrally by 9 hospitals, 7 public health services, 7 knowledge institutions and 3 companies from the Netherlands and Belgium. Via a subproject of this joint i-4-1 health project, the Infection RIsico Scan (IRIS), infection risks are uniformly mapped through a user-friendly app. How does CYS contribute to this project? You can read that in this blog.

Reducing infection risks and making them easily visible

iris-Infection-Prevention-Risk-ScanWith the IRIS method, the risk of obtaining and spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria is fully and unequivocally mapped. The institutions can easily compare their results and learn from each other to improve hygiene and reduce infection risks.

The question to CYS is to translate this IRIS method into a user-friendly technical solution. 'We started working with enthusiasm and our partner Cider will market this solution with us,' says Taco van der Pompe, CEO of CYS, with appropriate pride.

Through a practical online management environment that CYS has developed you can plan, coordinate, manage and visualize a complete IRIS scan or parts. With the aim to map the infection risks for better hygiene and in this way achieve a lower infection risk.

'On a tablet or mobile phone you can easily manage all parts and answer questions. Does the staff meet the dress code? Are there gloves in stock and is the hand disinfectant replenished? You can also define a start and end date for each part, define users (who will carry out the scans), determine the amount of measurements and give management access to the reports,' says Taco.

Visually attractive reports

The visual reports help Infection Prevention Experts provide feedback to the management and nursing staff of a healthcare institution. In this way, the involvement and cooperation between care providers and other institutions is increased in order to reduce antibiotic resistance in the long and short term.

With the user-friendly app, users can easily enter the measurements on the work floor and the management gets real-time insight into the infection risks via a visually appealing dashboard.

The report contains an improvement plot, visual comparisons per department and you can easily zoom in on the results. Knowledge of IRIS itself is not necessary and the management can see the risks at a glance and which part of the scan needs to be addressed.

'This solution is the first step towards a completely new solution for different branches. This allows you to easily perform complete audits or parts, visualize and report,' Taco says enthusiastically. 

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