Enthusiastic employees yield enthusiastic customers. Ever more organizations recognize the importance of improving employee engagement. So, does CYS. In this blog we’d like to inspire you through a number of examples on how to do this.

Involvement in business objectives

If management and the Executive Board allow everyone to work together to achieve the business objectives, employees feel empowered! As employee you feel taken seriously and you sense that you are part of something.

All employees at CYS know exactly where the company is heading strategically. The company objectives are transformed into short-term goals, so it is clear exactly what needs to be done every quarter and every year to achieve the long-term objectives. Each department has a say in how they should be achieved. In this way, everyone is heading in the same direction, which creates true involvement.

ISO certification

CYS considers professionalism, safety and clarity important for everyone. That is the reason why we are working hard to implement ISO 27001. We already work according to the guidelines, for example by using a strong data management system and by implementing the proper operating procedures in regards to information security. We have also started cleaning up our data in order to be in top shape for a new era. By jointly taking this on, everyone feels satisfied with the results; a tidy computer and a clear head! And as a result everyone has played an important role in preparing the organisation for the ISO 27001 certificate.

successen-vieren-cysCelebrating successes

It is very common to focus on things that did not go well as a learning experience, aiming to improve the organisation. But don’t forget to take the time to consider what went well. Successes need to be celebrated!

At CYS we use an original ship's bell from the ‘Holland America Line’ cruise line, as a success notification. When this bell is rung we have a success to announce! This varies from new customers and contract extensions to a well-read blog or a busy event.

Great successes are celebrated with a get-together, a company outing or a weekend away. A positive approach by sharing successes is highly motivating. Furthermore, as an employee you will get a good impression of what other colleagues are doing.

I have a dream

By regularly collecting feedback from your employees, you discover what’s happening. What is on their mind? What makes him/her tick? With this information you can anticipate and increase participation. An employee who feels energized at work is not only productive, but also radiates this feeling; and that’s highly contagious.

The ‘Talent and Development team’ of CYS created a special project called ‘I have a dream’. It was purely based on voluntary participation, but the project was received with great enthusiasm by the employees. The organisation values its employee’s dreams. These dreams could be on a business level, in terms of their career, or on a personal level. The management wants to work with the employee to see to what extent CYS can contribute to making these dreams happen. The mere fact that the organization deems this important raises the employee involvement.

Physiotherapy at the office

Healthy employees are the foundation of a healthy company. That’s why CYS offers physiotherapy at the office. Inventory of the workplace, advice on and awareness of work attitude and treatments on location ensure a healthy working environment and prevent complaints. CYS works together with Doornbos Fysio Groep Breda.


Working together is the key to success. Teamwork is also an important asset at CYS. With flexible work places, you are never seated in the exact same place and you will get to know all your colleagues. The open space makes it easy to reach out to colleagues. By means of short meetings, 'daily & weekly huddles', management is highly accessible. Can you assist a colleague, perhaps take some of the burden off someone, or work in a team to solve an issue? The ‘one team, one task’ mentality ensures that everyone works together towards a common cause and this creates a very positive vibe.

Striving for a better customer experience is business as usual for many organisations. The employee experience is often forgotten. But it’s the employee who is in direct contact with the customer, so the employee actually drives the customer experience. Invest in this and you will see that enthusiastic and involved employees are invaluable.

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IMG_55345-Star Office

CYS recently, with a team of creative colleagues, completely transformed the office into a ‘5-Star Office’. For visitors we have a ‘5 Star’ reception and for employees a ‘5 Star’ working environment. Fresh office decorations, new desks and chairs, beautiful plants and beautiful new crockery to make a cup of coffee a real experience. The show piece; the special wall covered with moss. The ‘interior team’ has delivered great work in a short period of time. We are delighted to welcome you to our office and have a look. 

The office environment often gets underestimated but is extremely important. For example pleasant and ergonomic workplaces with good chairs, desks and the right tools to do your job well, such as the availability of a second computer monitor. Crisp and clean interiors create a vibe that gives you energy that any old boring office would not. Employees feel encouraged to work to their best ability which contributes to higher productivity. 


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