Achieve success with NPS part 4 of 7

In part 4 of the 7-part blog series on NPS, our specialist Mark Schepers shares 5 tips for increasing NPS results. Mark has years of experience in measuring customer loyalty with NPS, including at DELA and Carglass.

1 | Measure continuously

'In part 3, we looked at how you can get improvements with your NPS results. There's a good chance that the organization has already taken action. And now it's getting to the really interesting part. If you continuously measure NPS, you get a more consistent picture of your NPS' development and you are able to better link the 'fluctuations' to other organizational developments. For example, introducing a new work process has an effect on the customer experience. If you measure continuously, it will become clear what customers experience before, during and after the change. With CYS, it's easy to measure automatically and continuously.'

2 | Look beyond the score

'Focus on what's going well and what you want to do differently, not on the NPS score itself. This may sound strange, but remember that NPS is the result of processes, actions and interactions with the customer. Things are going well or not so well and that can be changed. The NPS is the result of that. It indicates whether changes made have led to the desired effect.'

Are we going too fast? Then first read this info about NPS.

3 | Involve other departments

'Comforting for many of you out there...Maybe you bear a lot of responsibility now, but that'll change. Look for improvements together with the employees who are directly involved. They often have more information about the customer and also experience the customer process, but from an internal perspective. It's often easier to see what's going well and where improvements are needed by combining the two.'

4 | Share customer experiences

'Don't just report the data, but the valuable customer stories behind them as well. Obviously, the NPS is interesting to share on a regular basis. However, the NPS truly comes into its own when employees are able to read the reactions about their customer contact. Make sure they receive them in their mail. CYS offers a smartphone app that allows employees to view their customer reactions on a daily basis: they can immediately see what the results of their efforts have been. Multiple reactions can be shared with management and management, whether or not linked to important themes that play a role.'

Want to learn more about how to bring NPS to life within your organization? Download the NPS whitepaper.

5 Hang in there :)

'Working from and on customer experience is not a project with a head and a tail. Realizing improvements is a marathon, not a sprint. It must be structurally present in the organization. Or, in other words, to be truly embedded in the organization. Keep looking for improvements and make a distinction between low hanging fruit that can be picked quickly (always nice!) and insights that'll take more time. You can approach improvement plans and associated actions on a project basis.'

Get started

Did you get a good idea of how to improve your NPS results? We hope that the advice in this blog will take this one step further! In the next blog, Mark explains what happens if you make NPS just as important as other company results.


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