Achieve success with NPS part 2 of 7

Part 2 of the 7-part blog series on NPS, explains how to increase your NPS email response rate. Our specialist Mark Schepers will provide you with concrete advice that will instantly help you. Mark has years of experience in monitoring customer loyalty with NPS, including at DELA and Carglass. 

Have your e-mail fit your own branding

We paid attention to the survey's preparation in part 1. Now you're about to invite your customers by e-mail to actually fill in the survey. 'You can increase the response rate,' Mark says 'by giving your e-mail a familiar look. Show that the email is from your organization. You can easily add your own elements in CYS, like your logo, brand colors and fonts. This allows you to communicate with your customer in the way he or she is used to. For the best results, this step is often done in cooperation with the marketing department.


Carefully pick the subject line

The stronger your subject line, the more likely it is that customers will actually open your email. Be brief and concise and think about which words will make your customers curious or entice them. I don't know what works best for your organization specifically. But you can figure that out by doing an A/B test. You choose a different subject line in week 1 and 2. Then you compare the response results and choose the line with the highest response rate.

Is this going too fast? Then first read this info about NPS.

Add the NPS recommendation question in the invitation

The sooner you ask the NPS recommendation question, the better. Involve the marketing department in deciding which text goes where. For example, there's a preview function right after the subject line. Use it! We humans, including your customers, are 'programmed' to finish things. If you manage to get them to answer the recommendation question immediately (even if it is in their heads), chances are that they'll also answer the few questions that follow. Thank your customer for answering the first question in the intro and tell them that the rest of the survey will only take 2 minutes.

Understand your client's customer journey

'You, too, are a customer, somewhere in a shop. Imagine that you are helped very well. The salesperson asked just the right questions. You look back on that contact in a positive way. And after that you receive an impersonal e-mail with 'Dear customer' as the preamble. A shame! Include relevant customer data in your e-mail. Refer to where the contact took place, which department it was in and where the choice was made. A book? Name the title of that book. Do you want to know if your client recommends the purchased book to others? Give your customer the opportunity to read the book before you send the e-mail', Mark emphasizes. Immerse yourself in your customer and connect to his or her experience as much as possible.

Send out the e-mail personally

'Imagine that nice salesperson from just before is called Linda. You'd rather receive an e-mail from Linda than from an unknown sender, wouldn't you? Include a picture of Linda in your NPS e-mail and end with a personal greeting. This significantly increases the response rate. A nice side note is that I've experienced that employees want to perform better if they're directly involved in the follow-up. But leave employees the choice: one likes it, the other feels vulnerable. Keep a close eye on the privacy terms and conditions as well.'

Carefully pick the time when you send out the e-mail

'Another reason to walk to the marketing department. Ask them when customers of your organization open the most emails. During working hours or not? During lunch or at the end of the day? Ask yourself what you think is appropriate. Do you want to send e-mails on Sunday? Or on Boxing Day? There are companies that don't send e-mails two days before, and two days after, a national holiday. Our brain is used to weakening experiences as time goes by. So, don't wait too long. In any case, don't make the mistake of asking the NPS recommendation question if the customer is still waiting for something. Think of what to send or call back.'

Get started

CYS has a standard NPS e-mail ready for you. Based on the advice mentioned in this blog, you can implement it fully based on your organization's specific objectives. We'll discuss the next step next week: How do you make the step to improve? 

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