Whether you're doing customer research, collecting feedback from your employees or performing digital checks, you'll often want to make adjustments to your project. In that case, you want to prevent respondents from seeing an old version when publishing a new version. As it might have consequences for your real-time reporting. In the video below, Werner explains how to prevent this with his favorite feature: Release and Version Management.

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I want to make an adjustment to my questionnaire

You want to make an adjustment to your questionnaire, audit or checklist. Because a new campaign is being launched, for example. You'd want to be able to make changes without affecting the version that is live. And when you publish the new version, you'd want to make sure that all respondents are automatically directed to the new survey, without having to change the link in the invitation. Even if they are halfway through your survey already.

This is what CYS came up with the Release and Version Management feature for! With this ingenious feature you can simultaneously edit an existing questionnaire or checklist, test new versions (or have them tested), set them up or publish them. CYS automatically takes care of all migrations and the merging of data or feedback.

Made a mistake?

No problem! All your versions are saved. Deleted versions are stored in the archive and can be restored at the touch of a button if desired!

And my reports?

Reports are automatically updated! You don't have to do anything for this! Without any delay, data and feedback from older and new versions will be merged and reports will be updated.

How does Release and Version Management work exactly?

There are four phases your project can be in: Edit, Test, Que and Live. It can also be archived. You can easily move your survey or checklist through the different phases and manage multiple versions next to each other.


You can have a new version tested by a colleague or put it ready for publication while working on the next version.

After moving to another phase, the version number is automatically updated. Each version is automatically saved, so nothing is lost. If necessary, you can always return to a previous or archived version.

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With the CYS smart Release and Version Management feature, you can manage different versions of your questionnaire or audit and run them next to each other without technical knowledge. After publishing a new version, data and feedback from respondents is automatically merged without any delay in the report. Even if a respondent is halfway through the survey when publishing a new survey, he or she is automatically redirected to the new version. Made a mistake? You can restore an old version with a single click of a button.

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