You measure quality and obviously want to improve it. But are findings and points for improvement visualized, in order to show what can be improved at a glance? Images say more than a thousand words. By making it easy for auditors and respondents to add a video or photo to their findings, you will have points for improvement being delivered to you on a silver platter. In the video below, Mieke explains how to do this with her favorite feature: Video, audio and photo support.

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Improve quality with photo, video and audio support

Photo, video and audio support is used for hygiene checks, marketing checks and shop checks, for example. While carrying out the check, a photo or video can be added to the findings with the click of a button. Is the floor dirty, are the bins overflowing or are fresh products past their shelf life? A photo says more than a thousand words.

In addition, media support is used for the verification of internal or external audits. By adding official receipts or signed documents to the audit, there can be no discussion with internal and external stakeholders.

Enhance customer feedback with video

What's nice about this feature is that it can be used not only for audits and improving quality, but also for customer feedback. Give customers the opportunity to give a personal compliment with video feedback. This is highly motivating for employees and is definitely worth it.

How to create a survey or checklist with media support?

With our software, it is very easy to set up a checklist or survey with media support. Different pages and question types, such as an input form, a checklist or a media page, have this option. Depending on the settings you specify, the respondent or auditor can easily add an audio file, photo, video or document while filling in the form.

The file is directly linked to the questionnaire or checklist, so it can be used in dashboards and reports. It is also possible to create a follow-up action.

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A photo or video says more than a thousand words. By offering the possibility to add a photo, video or audio file to an audit or checklist, points for improvement will be made clear and you can actually improve quality. Or use media support in your survey to make customer feedback more powerful with video. 

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