Organizations can be struggling with an overload of quality measurements, which may be difficult to convert into real improvements. How do you involve the entire organization in measuring and improving quality? How do you set up your quality system as a smart and continuous process?

It all begins with measurements

Take a moment and think about what it is that you want to measure. What is the best time and how to measure? Collecting data through checklists and audits is the basis of every QMS. However, this is still often done manually on paper or in Excel. Digitize your forms and checklists and the continuous collection of data is made very easy. When measurements are done in a simple and easy way, you create time for what really matters: making data driven adjustments and work towards continuous quality improvement. 

Using the software of CYS allows you to continuously collect relevant data, create data driven insights which allow you to make the right decisions.

Looking at quality from all angles

Besides customers, your employees have a very good idea about the quality. They often handle a product on a daily basis or speak to customers about the delivered service. They know very well what the good qualities are and even may have suggestions on improvements.

And of course, business information can tell you a lot about quality. How often is a product returned? Are there complaints and about what? What is your right first time rate on a delivered service?

We call listening to customers (Voice of Customer), employees (Voice of Employee) and business results (Voice of Business) with equal importance Experience Management (XM). By combining results, you create a complete overview, and you make the right decisions for the entire organization.


With our software you can collect feedback from your customers and employees, combine this with business data and identify problem areas quickly and easily.

Everyone's involved

When measuring, analyzing, suggest improvements and reporting on quality is the sole job of one quality manager, progress can be slowly if all. To organize quality improvement in such a way that the entire organization plays their part, is the next step for many companies.

Quality improvement needs to take place on a strategic, tactical and operational level and be on the agenda from marketing to production. Make the job of quality management all about motivating management and employees with relevant insights and feedback, presented in an attractive way so that immediate action can be taken.

The software of CYS provides you with the means to activate and motivate your organization. Address the areas for improvement and celebrate where customers are happy.

Quality measurement is a continuous process

  1. experience-management-loop-ENMeasuring > Perform continuous and automated quality measurements.
  2. Analyzing > See at a glance what the areas of improvement are.
  3. Activating > Share the results internally, visually attractive and real time.
  4. Motivating > Help employees to realize improvements.

If one step is missing or has not been implemented on a sufficient level, you will miss out on opportunities to improve or motivate employees. When you have everything in order and the entire organization is aligned and actively participating, then you will have the foundations to exceed on your customer’s expectations and grow your business.

Want to learn more or see how your organizations is doing? Download our free E-book ‘Super smart quality measurements and improvements’ and complete the checklist. 

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