By listening to the Voice of Employee you know exactly which buttons to turn to increase employee engagement and create a customer-oriented organizational culture. This also has a positive impact on the customer experience. Happy employees means happy customers. It is proven that human contact is the biggest success factor for companies. But how do you actually make the step from measuring to increasing employee engagement in practice? In this blog we give you 10 tips!

1. Automated and continuous research

As an organization, make the right decisions based on continuous insight into employee engagement. You are always up to date about the energy level of your employees and the customer focus of your culture and you can respond immediately without having to wait for half-yearly or annual results.

2. Do not reinvent the wheel

Companies spend a lot of time setting up surveys. Don't reinvent the wheel, but opt for existing smart research methods that have already proven themselves.

3. Make giving feedback as easy as possible 

Use the medium that suits the employee and make giving feedback as easy as possible, for example via a mobile app, tablet or desktop. A mechanic in the workplace is usually not working behind a desktop, but an administrative employee is.

4. Don't bother your employees too often with questionnaires 

By planning your research in a smart way, you will always get the insights you need. Ask your employees as intelligently as possible. Continuously ask for feedback via an automated system that asks your employees questions at random moments when they want, for example via a mobile app. This way you increase the chance that employees will actually answer the questions.

5. Choose a proven methodology

Use proven measurement methods, such as the Employee Energy Pulse or eXperience Culture Scan. Then you know for sure that you generate the right insights for increasing employee engagement.

6. Focus on energy and reduce sick leave

As an organization, it is crucial that you contribute to a positive energy balance for your employees and that they go home with more energy at the end of the day than when they arrived.

7. Make insights as beautiful and visual as possible, preferably in real time

Make insights about employee involvement manageable with attractive info graphics as part of your dashboard. For example, show the results per department in an info graphic-like style or give your employees insight into how their energy level has increased over a certain period and why that has been achieved in a personalized info graphic.

8. Give management regular insight

Activate your organization by giving the right stakeholders access to the insights relevant to him or her at any time.

9. Translate priorities for improvements into (online) training  

Translate the priorities for business improvements into (online) training to structurally increase the knowledge and know-how of your employees. Make sure you are able to follow progress. 

10. Focus on fun and positivity

Bring figures and objectives to life with employees through gamification. A powerful tool that challenges employees to learn from each other and to motivate each other. Give them points or a certification if they have achieved a certain goal and keep this in, for example, an app that is accessible to all employees. This way, you bring out the competitive drive in your employees. Or connect the points to a charity like Microsoft does, then you respond not only to their extrinsic motivation but also to intrinsic motivations.

With the above tips you get the organization moving and you work structurally on improving employee engagement of the entire organization.

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