Customer-centricity comprises not only business processes, but also the culture within the organization. Customer-centricity is an approach that adds immense value and distinction to a company. In fact, customer-centricity is putting your customers above anything else, and at the heart of every major and minor decision. But what about the customers within the company? These customers, known as your employees, are your key resources who strive day and night to ensure the organization grows and flourishes, who should not be forgotten.

Too often, organizations create cultures that work well for their employees. But upon closer inspection, this culture might not extend beyond the four walls. For instance, providing free lunch or taking the employees for a team outing. Employees who are satisfied and engaged certainly have an influence on improved customer experience. Enthusiastic employees yield enthusiastic customers. But how do you increase employee engagement?

How can an organization perform at an optimal level if only 30% of the employees is rowing in the same direction?

All employees should understand the core values of the business very clearly, so that they can communicate the same to customers. They should be able to lean on these values while managing clients and creating unrivalled experiences. But for this, they need to understand how each of these core values is related to the customer and their experience.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, only a small percentage of employees in a given company understand its goals and direction. It says that even in companies that are high-performing, only 30% of the employees can correctly identify the company’s strategies and goals. So, how can an organization perform at an optimal level if only 30% of employees is aware of these strategies and goals?

Employees who have a sense of purpose are the most productive

Employees should be provided with all the help they need to understand the role they can play in helping to achieve the company’s goals. For this, a clear, common strategy and vision should be communicated to all the employees so that they feel they are an integral part of the decision-making process. This vision and strategy should then be translated into understandable measurements and goals that give employees a sense of ownership and passion to meet the goals. Make sure that all employees have all the required information and tools to enable them to perform to the best of their ability. After all, employees who have a sense of purpose are the ones that are most productive.

Give your employees some space

At some companies, employees are more restricted in their freedom to make decisions and have less influence, even though they are the ones on the front line. Understand that the commitment and experience of employees, who interact with customers on a daily basis, are important elements of a great customer experience. Facilitate and encourage your employees in this. Employees should be able to deliver a great, satisfying customer experience and be empowered to make decisions while making the customer the main focus.

Ensure that the core values and goals of your company are internally visible, and involve your employees in this. Inform them about the organization's goals and let them contribute. Look at the strengths of your employees and give them space to make decisions by themselves. Facilitating employees in this way is also a clear way to improve customer experience. Consider using the best CX tools for your employees to work with, to bring customer-centricity to a higher level.

For example, give your employees the confidence and space to resolve problems directly without having to first consult with their manager. This will lead to dissatisfied customers becoming satisfied. Solving complaints afterwards also takes unnecessary time and energy, for both the employee and the customer. vidaXL, the largest online seller in slow moving consumer goods, has increased the amount that employees can offer to mitigate a complaint, from €20 to €50. The result? Customers are usually immediately satisfied. 

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