In this third and final part of the blog post series about ISO, we will show how to take your ISO audit to a higher level with the software of CYS. Six of our colleagues talk about the added value of their favorite CYS feature. Watch videos >

Birgit: “We have already done the preliminary work for your ISO plan.”

Organizations often complain about the time it takes to prepare an audit. Thanks to our Intuitive Questionnaire tool, setting up a digital version of your ISO audit is very easy. Moreover, your questionnaire will always look professional!’ 

Mieke: "Add photos or videos to prevent discussions later on."

You don't want results to be interpreted differently. With the Video, audio and photo support feature, the auditor can add images and videos, so that it is no longer needed to have discussions. Images and sounds make everything clear.

Mirjam: “The Experience app makes performing ISO audit a lot easier"

An overview, everywhere, all day long. With the Experience app, users can easily conduct audits and always find the latest status of the results. Easy, with their mobile devices.

Binu: “Keep the focus with Scoring”

The Integrated Scoring feature is my favorite, because it allows you to assign different values to different parts of your audit or checklist. This allows you to keep the focus on what is really important for your internal ISO audit and to translate the feedback directly into your KPIs.

Marieke: “The widgets together bring dashboards to life.”

Sometimes you really have to take the time to understand a dashboard. And even then, you often cannot display what you would like. The Smart Widgets and Graphs feature does allow you to do exactly that. They allow you to create personalized dashboards that look attractive and work with real-time data. 

Taco: “Show results the way you want”

How do I involve others in the organization?' We regularly hear that question. In CYS, you can quickly tailor data and make it visually attractive with the help of Infographics. You can use our standard infographics, but you can also use your own infographics. In this way, the data is presented directly in beautiful and recognizable visuals.


Even if you properly apply all steps of quality management, it is sometimes difficult to achieve resounding results with your process. The features that we have discussed in this blog will increase your results. You will avoid confusion among auditors and other users. In this way, your ISO plan actually contributes to the desired improvements.

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