Measuring is knowing, but how do you actually measure if your employees have passion for their job? How do you ask them if they feel involved in the organization? And how do you find out if your organization is customer focused? The blog 'The most important conditions for improving employee engagement' shows that two elements are of great importance for a successful Voice of Employee program: a strong intrinsic motivation of employees and a focus on a customer-oriented organizational culture. In this blog you can read more about how to measure these two elements.

Employee Energy Pulse: How much energy do employees get from their job?

As stated earlier, intrinsic motivation is the main motivation for putting in the work, much more than basic rewards, such as a bonus or pension provision. But how do you measure intrinsic motivation? You can translate intrinsic motivation to the amount of energy an employee has. Energy is a recognizable and even measurable concept that people can understand. It goes without saying that if we feel ‘exhausted’ after a long day of boring work, it’s not something that’s good. On the other hand, if we love our work and we still feel energetic at the end of the day, it gives you an amazing feeling! Intrinsic motivation is most important.

The Employee Energy Pulse measurement method is intended as the proverbial 'finger on the pulse'. This is no intense, one-off annual research with 80 questions about employee involvement, but a brief, simple questionnaire that can be sent out regularly. You don’t ask employees if they feel like they’re 'involved', a question that is difficult to answer, because it’s not clear what this question means. Instead, ask employees how much energy they get from the work they do at their job. Energy Pulse questionBy asking employees to categorize their answer, you’ll find out exactly why they get energy from their work or not. Only then you’ll get a full insight into the energy level of your employees, which allows you to take action with this information.

Want to learn more about Employee Energy Pulse? In the whitepaper you can read all about the theoretical background, how it works and what the results are.

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eXperience Culture Scan: How customer-focused is the culture of your organization?

Looking at the global leaders in customer experience and employee engagement, organizations that have set themselves apart from the competition by 'doing things well', it soon becomes clear that there are clear similarities in the organizational culture. These organizations are often 'flat' in a way that employees do not experience much hierarchy. There is a strong focus on interpersonal relationships and on celebrating successes. And more often than not, employees at these organizations have the freedom to decide for themselves how they want to satisfy customers and to make their own decisions.

The eXperience Culture Scan asks employees for their opinion about the culture of the organization and about how customer-focused they find the culture of the organization. The eXperience Culture Scan is based on four important cultural main categories:

  1. We value each other (we’re open, caring, thankful and very personal)
  2. We value our customers (customer-focused, honest and open, attentive, surprising)
  3. We value leadership (value-driven, little hierarchy, lots of individual responsibility)
  4. We value learning and growing (listening, co-creation, outside the box, continuous improvement)


The eXperience Culture Index is an absolute score that lets you know how you as an organization score on the eXperience Culture Scan, so, in other words, how your employees think about your organizational culture and how close you are to the ideal CX culture. 

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Whitepaper: eXperience Culture Scan

Download the whitepaper and discover everything about the CYS eXperience Culture Scan. What is it and how does it work exactly? How is the research planned and what are the results for your organization?

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