Are you working for a Market Research agency or a Market Research department? Then you probably dream of faster, easier ways to WOW your customers with relevant, real-time, visually attractive management information.

This is the second part of the blog series for and about the market research industry we share 4 tips on how to WOW your customers and research sponsors with less hassle.

Tip 1 | Add value to your research results by linking existing BI data

As described in the previous blog, in order to deliver concrete, impactful management information, existing BI data are as important as the data you will collect. Your customers will have data sources that will increase the added value of your research. Especially in a continuous process, you will need the BI capacity to clean, process and manage them by means of dynamic rules, in order to link them ‘real-time’ to your research data.

CYS combines data collection and data management in one solution. With this, you kill two birds with one stone: increased added value of your research, without added investments

Tip 2 | Change and re-publish questionnaires without interrupting the research flow

In practice, the management of questionnaires can be a real hassle. Small changes in the questionnaire content, can result in a disproportionate amount of work. Data collection has to be stopped, programming changes must be made and the questionnaire has to be republished. This can be a waste of good resources and interrupts the research flow.

CYS makes this process more manageable as the software is designed with continuous research in mind. Watch a video about the ‘Release and version management’ feature and discover how it works.

Tip 3 | Share both user specific and visually appealing information  

In an ideal world, dashboards are both easy to set up and easy to use. In reality, they hardly ever are. You would like to deliver real-time concrete, impactful management information to an entire organization. So you will need multiple dashboards, each one built to the specific requirements of an individual user group.

With CYS you activate the entire organization by sharing meaningful insights and motivate employees with powerful and good looking reports.

Tip 4 | Start small  

As a research agency, you might have automated processes to a high level of efficiency, using a legacy of different systems. On top of that, you will have invested in knowledge and people operating these systems. Making a ‘big switch’ to new automation software is therefore difficult and high-risk.

Ideally, you want to be able to invest on ‘project level,  rather than the investment being company-wide.

With CYS, you can start small and absorb the cost of the platform in your project costs, rather than treating it like an investment. Want to know more? Watch the video below.


In this second blog for and about the market research industry we shared 4 tips on how to WOW your customers and research sponsors with less hassle. And how to cut down on hassle by automating your entire research process.

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