In the previous two blogs you learned all about measuring and improving employee satisfaction and how the organizational culture influences the customer experience.  In this blog, we discuss four features that you should definitely not miss when measuring engagement. 

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1 | Proven method for measuring engagement

There are several ways to measure employee engagement. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can save a lot of time if you choose an existing and proven methodology, ensuring that you gather the right insights.

CYS offers two standard programs for measuring engagement: the Employee Energy Pulse and the eXperience Culture scan. Both are based on the work of recognized psychologists and writers, who recognize that engagement is highly personal and is strongly determined by intrinsic motivations. The Employee Energy Pulse and the eXperience Culture scan are often combined in one Voice of Employee program.

Do you still want to set up your own research? With the Intuitive Questionnaire tool of CYS it is very easy to set up your own engagement analysis. Watch a video here and find out why the Intuitive Questionnaire builder is Birgit's favorite feature.

2 | Make it easy for employees to indicate whether they are involved

A mechanic in the workshop usually doesn't work behind a desktop and may not read his e-mail every day. Make it as easy as possible for employees to provide feedback and use the medium that suits the employee.

With CYS' mobile app, employees have access to questionnaires assigned to them and can fill them out when it suits them. When a new employee engagement survey is ready, the employee automatically receives a push message.


Obviously, there are other channels for collecting engagement feedback, like an email or a QR code. Do you choose multiple channels? All data is stored in one database with CYS.

3 | Prevent unnecessary questions in your engagement research

Make sure you have a good data link. By combining employee data from different sources and systems in a single solution, you avoid time-consuming and error-prone processes. Moreover, you don't have to ask unnecessary questions, such as the department where someone works or who the manager is.

CYS makes it easy to insert, combine and mutate data. All imported data can be used in your research and in the reporting. This makes it easy to filter and make comparisons and you know at a glance where the organization stands in relation to the employees involved.

4 | Share insight into involvement with visually attractive reports

Motivate and activate the organization by making insights into involvement visually attractive and presenting them in, for example, infographics. Preferably they respond to your results in real time, showing the current situation continuously. Collected information becomes visually attractive and therefore manageable, feedback from employees comes to life and you get the organization moving more easily.

You can choose from a wide range of infographics in CYS. Select the one that best suits your project and reporting needs. You can also create your own infographic.



If you want to start measuring employee engagement and are looking for a software tool to help you with this, look for smart features that make it easy to measure and improve employee engagement. We describe four of them in this blog, but of course there are many more.

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