Achieve success with NPS part 7 of 7

In part 7 of the 7-part blog series about NPS, our specialist Mark Schepers discusses how to measure NPS like a pro with the CYS features. Mark has years of experience in measuring customer loyalty at, among others, DELA and Carglass.

Feature 1: Personalizing your survey

'By personalizing your NPS survey or by repeating an answer given by the participant, you will make the survey as personal as possible and your customer will feel addressed. You'll make it as easy as possible for them to start working on the NPS survey. And he'll be more inclined to finish the survey up to and including the last question. You can easily set this up with our NPS software. And so you increase the number of valuable responses. As a result, you know more, and even better, what improvements you can make to improve the customer experience.'


Are we going too fast? Then read this info about NPS first.

Feature 2: Add your own branding

'Communicate with your customers the way they're used to. You want them to recognize your company by giving the NPS survey the corporate branding. With CYS software, you can easily add your logos, fonts and company colors, turning it into 'your' NPS survey and not ours.'


Feature 3: Setting up different languages

'You want to address your customers in their own language. And if your respondents don't understand the question in one language, allow them to switch to another language that they might understand while completing it. Answers are much more valuable if someone can provide them in his/her own language. CYS has the NPS survey available in several languages. You can also easily import your own translation. Respondents can also switch to a different language at any time while they're completing the form. This increases the chance of them completing the questionnaire, and increases the amount of useful information you can get from your data.'


Feature 4: Use the channel that best suits your target audience

'It’s smart to introduce your NPS survey at just the right time and via the right channel. Sometimes you want to invite your customers by e-mail. In other cases, you'd prefer a QR code, for use in print. Or you can use a link that you want to share on your website or social media, if you don't have e-mail addresses of your customers or if you are at a trade show. The CYS software enables you to do it all. And the great thing is: the response all ends up in one and the same database. This allows you to combine the data and make the right analyses.'

Feature 5: Manage the data properly

You make an even greater impact in your company if you translate the NPS feedback from customers directly into follow-up actions per department, per location or even to individual employee level. To do this, you need to link your customers' answers to the NPS survey to other databases in your organization. By combining data, you enrich the feedback and insights you have collected. With CYS you can manage your data yourself. Inserting, combining and mutating data is easy. It allows you to see if the salesperson with the highest turnover also has the most loyal customers...'

Feature 6: Efficient data sharing via personal dashboards

'The more accessible the information from the NPS survey is, the more your colleagues will actually use it. It works even better if data is also personalized. Only share results that are important for that specific colleague, department or manager. The store in Brussels is interested in the NPS of their own store, and maybe the best three stores, but not in the overall NPS. The same goes for the feedback. You can personalize results for individuals or departments with personal dashboards, accessible online or in the mobile app with CYS.'


Feature 7: Selecting different real-time infographics

'People are often overloaded with reports and data on important KPIs. How do you ensure that NPS data is actually viewed and understood? By preventing you from sending even more boring reports or tables. What really helps is to make the data visually attractive data, using infographics. Even better if the infographic really 'behaves' in real time. When the NPS changes, the infographic changes with it. The CYS software offers you these possibilities. This ensures that the NPS data is presented as attractively as possible and increases the chance that employees will get the right insights from it and respond quickly.'


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