The 8th of March, 2018, more than two hundred visitors gathered to listen to inspirational stories from Patricia Slootjes (Director of Marketing Miele Nederland), Rijn Vogelaar (founder of the Superpromoter Academy) and Patricia Devlaeminck (Global Customer Service Manager vidaXL) at the Miele Experience Center (MEC). The main subject? How does enthusiasm lead to the best service! In this report of our CX event we go deeper into the story of Patricia Slootjes and the role of the Miele Experience Center in the organisation.

The role of the Miele Experience Center in the customer journey CX event-hoe-enthousiasme-leidt-tot-de-hardste-#service-miele experience center-mec

Patricia Slootjes kicks off with the passionate story of Miele, an organisation that has been operating for 119 years under the motto ‘immer besser’. The constant search for improvement is not only relevant for their products, but nowadays more than ever for the total experience and service of the premium brand. For example, the role of the traditional retailer has changed. Customers gather information online before actually visiting retailers. Patricia explains: "The switch to online orientation and the change in the traditional customer journey has effect on many things. We as Miele have to participate in this change. Our Experience Center plays a big part in this transformation. Not only as an advisory body for product information, but also to keep in touch with our customers.”

Different phases of the customer journey by looking at the customer needs

The MEC is used for different purposes; from an inspirational tour and a one-on-one conversation with advisors, to getting acquainted with the product in the form of workshops. Patricia and her team never forget the following thought: where lies the customers need and in what way can the MEC support? "We have examined various customer journeys and looked at the role of the Miele Experience Center in every step of every customer journey. From trigger to orientation and from exploration to purchase; what is important in which phase? By understanding the steps that different customers make, we as Miele can respond much better. A customer journey can take up to a year and definitely does not end after the purchase." In addition, Miele is continuously introducing new technologies and innovative developments. Miele regularly organizes workshops with the latest equipment in the Experience Center.

The latest addition to the MEC has been adding the option to purchase products on the spot. "We’ve noticed that many customers also came to the Experience Center during the purchase phase. Not responding to this with direct sales was a lost opportunity."

CX event-hoe-enthousiasme-leidt-tot-de-hardste-#service-miele-experience-center-mecMeasure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) with the dashboard of CYS

Patricia continues her story by elaborating on the added value of the Net Promoter Score measuring instrument from CYS. "Since the collaboration with CYS, we have seen a major improvement in our NPS. For example, we measured a NPS score of 63 for people who had an advisory conversation in the MEC. We saw that 90% of these visitors, who’ve received a telephone follow up, have made a purchase. This NPS continues to rise and it is fantastic to see how the Miele team in the MEC is committed to this. We also use the Net Promoter Score as an indicator in other areas. We measure at times that are crucial for the consumer and moments where we know that we can make a difference. This has manifested itself in a higher score for our service technicians, with an improvement from 40/45 to 50/55. Also the customer service and complaints department of Miele experienced a gigantic positive growth, with an improvement in NPS of -10/-15 to +20/+24. Giving dissatisfied customers a positive experience; something we can really be proud of!"

A customer centric organisation

Critically looking at customer needs in different stages of the customer journey and combining this with using the Experience Center to its full potential, keeps leading to various improvements and higher NPS scores for Miele.

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