We have a bunch of new features that help you with your research, data management, and visualizations. In this blog, we’ll give you an update about what’s new in the CYS software and walk you through the biggest and most exciting product updates. 

The Priority matrix

When doing research, you want to quickly identify what needs to be improved without a lot of manual analysis of data and feedback. 

The priority matrix automatically generates priorities to improve, for all organization levels. It is a great way to quickly identify what your respondents rate high (displayed in the top right quadrant), and where they indicate things can be improved (left quadrants of the chart).

The matrix is showing the root causes, used in your questionnaire. The root cause analysis is a highly valued method to map the drivers behind customer or employee KPI’s. 

The priority matrix can be added to your dashboard by selecting the widget, that you can find in the category 'Other'.

Preselect date ranges

Instead of selecting a specific date range, it is now possible to set preselect date ranges. Dashboard users can select these while viewing data and results.


You can preselect one week, two weeks, one month, etc. You’ll find this option in the dashboard settings. Here, you can also define whether users are allowed to time travel, which means they can select a date range themselves. If not, dashboard users can choose the preselected date ranges only.

New infographic templates

Infographics are a great way to visualize data and feedback and it helps everybody in the organization to understand what needs to be improved.

In the infographic webshop in CYS you can find a wide range of templates which are easy to set up without any technical knowledge, and easy to use. With the latest update we added new infographic templates to help you present your results.

An example of a new infographic, is the ‘open comment’ infographic, that helps you to share open answers with the rest of the organization. Open answers are very valuable and provide so much more information than a given score. By sharing this with employees and managers, customer or employee feedback comes to life. 


Another example is the eNPS infographic, with which you can visualize the employee net promoter score. Both examples are available in the webshop.

Event based rules

New are event-based rules. These rules are very useful for keeping your improving and cleaning your data.

Rules that are created in this section are executed if your record meets the criteria that is set within the rule. CYS will automatically check every record in your project (regardless of the status) to see if it matches the criteria you have set. If a record matches, the rule will be executed.

Example event-based rule

If a respondent has filled out the first question of your survey, but has not finished the rest of it, the results are not included in your dashboard as by default only completed records are included.

If you would like to include the results of incomplete records in your dashboard as well, you can create a rule that looks for records that have the first question answered, but no Completed Date. If the records meets all these criteria, set the records to status complete.

You could even add a waiting period, by adding a condition that the updated date must be older than a week, to ensure the respondent has enough time to complete the questionnaire.

About CYS

CYS offers one software solution for all your research, data, and visualizations. We are very proud of the features we have developed over the past year. The ones described in this blog are just a few of them.


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