We are proud to announce our new website! A new website that fully matches our new view on experience and our new strategy. Over the past fifteen years, CYS has developed from a research agency to a software (SAAS) solution. We have listened very carefully to our customers and now it is time for the next step.

From 'Customer Experience' to 'Experience Management'

To stand out far above your competition, it is important nowadays that you not only listen to your customers and respond to their changing needs. The enthusiasm of your employees certainly also take part in this. After all, happy employees means happy customers. To achieve this, it is important that the basis of your company is in order. That all processes, financial and operational matters are in order.

From measurement to improvement

With just 'Customer Experience Management (CEM)' you can no longer stand out as a brand and organization. 'Experience Management', on the other hand, looks at customer focus and what this yields from 3 pillars as a holistic whole:

  • Listen to your customers and continuously implement targeted improvements in all organizational levels (Voice of Customer)
  • Motivate and inspire your employees, they make customer satisfaction and customer loyalty possible (Voice of Employee)
  • Make sure the basics are in order and improve your business by getting a grip on hard KPIs and quality management (Voice of Business)

New website

These three pillars are the basis of our new website. Here you will find all information about what this new strategy means for your organization. And how CYS can contribute to an optimal experience for customers, employees and your organization.

Experience management platform for a great experience

Behind the scenes we have worked hard on a new version of the software that fits in with our new strategy. Taco van der Pompe, CEO, enthusiastically says:

“What once started with mystery shopping, we have developed over the past 15 years from research agency to software (SAAS) solution now. In 2016 we set ourselves the challenging goal of developing the best software in the world for measuring and improving experience. And we can now say that we are immensely proud of our "do-it-yourself" SAAS solution that gives businesses the right insights to remain distinctive."


CYS offers a software solution for combining all relevant conversations, data and feedback from customers, employees and organization. Standard programs specially developed for prioritizing your business improvements, such as Customer Feedback Monitor, Employee Engagement Research, Audits and Checklists for quality management and reporting of business KPIs. 

import_contacts E-book

Download 'The Power of Experience Management'

What is Experience Management (XM)? Why is it so important and how do you measure and track it? Download our e-book and gain insight into Experience Management.

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