Creating a meaningful relationship between general business objectives, customer needs and customer feedback is a major challenge for many customer-driven organizations. Translating KPIs and making them manageable without losing sight of the big picture is not easy. In this blog you can read how you set achievable goals for your entire organization and up to individual employee level.

From company-wide to individual objectives

You want to set the bar high enough for your colleagues and for yourself. It is therefore important that the objectives for your organization are realistic but also challenging. Divide your general objectives into chunks and create individual objectives for each employee or, for example, per department, shop or location.

Focus on the trend, not on benchmark figures

Don’t focus on benchmark figures. There are many factors that influence the scores, which means that the absolute value will not always match your own measurement. Look more closely at the trend in your own results, which says a lot more than making a comparison with other companies.

Practical examples for determining customer feedback goals

For the CSAT (customer satisfaction score) it is easy to determine a suitable target, an increase with one point from the score 7 to 8 is immediately clear. When calculating metrics such as the NPS (recommendation question) or CES (experience services) an increase of 10 points per year is a relatively simple goal when your score is -50, but becomes more difficult when you for example, NPS is +80. Our advice: start by formulating an objective for your organization as a whole. Determining an objective for the calculative metrics like the NPS and CES for your organization as a whole is not yet that simple.

Suppose, during the 0-measurement the NPS of your organization came out at +25. You calculate that with the necessary measures an average of +35 should be possible before the end of the year. But how do you translate this into the practice of your business? To departments, branches or employees? Making all come out at +35 is probably not feasible. The nature of the work alone can make it difficult to equalize the goals for everyone; for an employee who handles complaints, a high NPS may be more difficult to realize than for an advisor. In addition, one branch may have to be on +35 from -50, while the other branch has been over +35 for a long time, meaning there is no room for challenge.

Formulating the same point rise as a goal for everyone within your organization is not fair. Imagine that everyone in your organization should rise 10 points at CES. for the employee with a CES of -90 that is much easier to achieve than for the employee with a CES of +90.

The most effective thing is to set percentage goals. That is more difficult than you might think at first, with a scale ranging from -100 to +100 points. We therefore calculate targets for calculative metrics with the percentage of the maximum feasible.

With the calculation based on the percentage of the maximum feasible you clearly base yourself on a general and organization wide objective. The individual and departmental objectives can be linked to this. In this way everyone gets the chance to make a valuable contribution and you do not expect too much or too little from anyone. This way, all employees remain motivated and everyone contributes to the rising score.

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