Do you want to be ahead of your competitors by offering the ultimate experience to your customers? That case, it is important that you do not only listen to your customers and respond to their changing need. Your employees’ enthusiasm also really counts. After all, they are directly in contact with the customer. And if employees are happy, (regular) customers are happy. To achieve this, it is important that the basis of your company is steady. That all processes, financial and operational matters are tightly regulated. Only then you can optimally guarantee the quality, overpass the expectations your costumers and increase sales growth.

Get the organization moving

In a world that is constantly changing at a higher pace, customers are assuming that information is easy to find, that apps always work and that the car will park itself without getting damaged. That used to be a luxury, now this has become the usual. Customers are becoming more demanding and empowering and expressing that through many channels. Companies or institutes that were never subject to debate are now regularly targeted with criticism and mistrust. Resulting in a more critical consumers and unmotivated staff. A consumer who does not take everything for granted and employees who do not have a heart for the case. And that has a negative impact on the customer experience. Consumer confidence is constantly evolving, remains erratic and subject to developments in the economic climate.

Due to these developments in the market, Customer Experience Management (CEM) is no longer sufficient to stand out as a brand and organization. Experience Management on the other hand, looks at customer focus and what this generates from 3 pillars as a holistic whole:

  • Voice of Customer: Listen to your customers and continuously perform targeted improvements across all organizational levels
  • Voice of Employee: Motivate and inspire your employees
  • Voice of Business: Make sure the base is steady and improve your business through hard KPIs


Happy Business, Happy People, Happy Customers

Experience Management is a relatively new discipline at the cutting edge of business administration, organizational science, change management, psychology and marketing. But do not only listen to customer, but also to the employees and the company as a whole, to improve the customer experience.

The key to bringing the customer experience to life and improving it is not only to evaluate what is happening, but also to use data such as customer feedback, insights into employee engagement and quality measurements, which are continuously collected throughout the organisation. It doesn't matter what kind of metric is used to measure, it is more important to focus on how it is applied.


Imagine, a hotel has beautiful rooms, a great location, a reasonable price and also has friendly and helpful staff, but the rooms are dirty. In this case you will still have a negative customer experience. You will not return to the hotel in question and write a negative review. That’s a shame, right?!

This example indicates that you will not make it with lousy work. Even if you meet 95% of the expectations, that 5% can still be a big risk. So, as an organisation, always strive to ensure that the basis is 100% steady!

What will this bring you?

Make sure that as an organization, you come to understand Experience Management in the maze of data through processes, quality management, customer and employee feedback automated, systematic and continuous measurement. Then learn from all data, act oon points of improvement and focus more.

By continuously listening to the VoB, VoE And VoC, you get more insight into your KPIs and customer and employee feedback, which allows you to continually adjust the organization to attract and retain more loyal customers. You have less failure costs, your acquisition costs go down and the number of complaints decreases. You motivate your employees so that productivity goes up, there will be less absenteeism and you hold onto talent through a positive organizational culture. This way you work integrally to a customer-oriented, positive organisation and promote your (turnover) growth! 

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