The world of HR is changing rapidly and has many challenges. Are employees feeling good about themselves? Are they happy and going to work full of energy every day? And what about personal development? What do they think of your organizational culture? All challenges that you as an organization face every day. A sophisticated 'Voice of Employee program' gives you insights and tools to continuously improve employee engagement and your organizational culture. In this blog you can read about the conditions that your Voice or Employee strategy must meet to make it a success.

Find and retain proactive and enthusiastic employees for a customer-oriented organization

In the blog 'Increase employee engagement? Discover the effect of positive psychology', we shown that customer-focused organizations that know how to increase employee engagement and energy can have a competitive advantage. Because attracting the right talent and keeping employees enthusiastic has a positive effect on productivity and reduces sick leave.

According to the Gallup 'State of the Global Workplace' report, employee engagement worldwide is very low, only 5%.

For a positive customer-oriented organizational culture you need employees who go beyond what is expected of them. To find out whether you have employees who proactively and passionately contribute to a customer-oriented culture (or whether you want to motivate your employees to do so), the following conditions are important.

Measure engagement on a structural basis

An annual survey among your employees does not provide a good insight into what motivates employees on a daily level and what is happening within your organization. Collecting structural insights is a must to prevent employees from being motivated and going to work somewhere else or ruining the experience of your customers.

Measuring engagement is not about symptoms, but about the cause

Organizations often only look at the score, but forget to look at the cause. A score is of little use without context and as management you are not encouraged to understand the real impact of the employees engaged.

Provide short questionnaires

Most questionnaires for measuring employee engagement are often extremely long because everything has to be asked in one go. Employees are less inclined to complete long questionnaires. So make sure you only ask a few questions at a time. 

From measuring to increasing employee engagement

If you really want to make the step to increase employee engagement, it is important to set up your organization in such a way that you can continuously implement improvements at the following three levels:


Make sure you don't just put the results on the management agenda once a year, but do this regularly. Decisions you make can have an unexpected effect on your team.


Discover trends in your organization based on driver analyses. Make organization-wide improvements that directly affect the energy level of the organization. Make improvements to every management layer and target specific departments. Provide specific guidance to managers on their own challenges rather than general ones.


Ensure that employees are engaged in their own development on a daily basis. Give your employees what they deserve, tools to get a little better every day.

7 Tips for a successful Voice of Employee program

  1. Do not request feedback once a year, but continuously
  2. Don't ask endless questions, just ask a few at a time
  3. Focus on intrinsic motivation, not external motivation
  4. Let go of hard factors such as salary and extras, focus on soft factors such as organizational culture
  5. Make it easy, make it fun
  6. Give people the space to give you feedback at any time if they want to
  7. Respond to the feedback

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