In our previous blog post, you learned all about measuring and improving employee satisfaction. In this post, we will discuss the culture of your organization: What is an organizational culture and how do you research it? What is the link between an open organizational culture and happy customers? In this post we will provide an answer to these questions and we will share five tips to change the culture.

Meaning of organizational culture

What exactly is it, an organizational culture? The culture of an organization is a collection of values, norms and behaviors that are shared between all employees in the organization. Of course some people within the organization may have a greater influence on the culture due to their position or knowledge. The culture of an organization is not immediately visible and is taught. Once established, all employees will behave accordingly.

How an open organizational culture contributes to improved customer experience

If we take a look at the worldwide front runners in the area of customer experience and employee engagement, it quickly becomes evident that there are clear similarities in the organizational culture. These businesses often have an open culture and are usually also 'flat organizations'. There is a strong focus on interpersonal relationships and celebrating successes. In these organizations, employees are free to decide how they want to make the customer happy, which benefits both employee engagement as well as customer experience.

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Researching the organizational culture

How customer focused is your organizational culture? What do employees think? Researching the culture and mapping out what employees think is a challenge that many organizations face. With a traditional employee satisfaction questionnaire it is very difficult to find out about this.

This is why CYS developed the eXperience Culture Scan. This scan is derived from the Service Excellence Model by the Service Excellence Foundation, which assumes that the entire organization collaborates in offering good customer experience. This model describes nine organizational elements, culture being one of them.

Measuring the organizational culture with the eXperience Culture Scan

This eXperience Culture Scan tells you how employees experience the organizational culture and maps out how far removed you are from the 'ideal' customer-oriented culture. This scan is based on a number of grouped statements. Each group describes a certain aspect of the culture that organizations that stand out in terms of customer focus and employee engagement have in common. By asking employees to what extent they agree with the statements, you will get a picture of how far removed your organization is from the ideal CX culture.

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Changing the organizational culture

It's not easy to change the organizational culture. It is embedded in the organization and has undergone years of development. To change the culture, for example to improve customer experience, we recommend starting out by measuring and mapping out the current culture, what is going well and what any points of improvement are.

From measurements to improvements, five tips

  1. Companies spend a lot of time setting up questionnaires. Do not attempt to reinvent the wheel; it is better to opt for existing, proven smart questionnaires and to learn from them.
  2. Make it a continuous process and take the right decisions based on continuous insight into the culture. By always measuring, you will know at any time how your organization is doing and what any points of improvement are.
  3. Keep going after getting your insights. Ensure that it is clear at a glance at what points your organization scores well, and what the points of improvement are. Based on this information, you can structurally implement improvements on a strategic, operational and individual level.
  4. Ensure that your reports with insights about the organizational culture are always up to date with the latest information and insights. In today's fast world, outdated information will get you nowhere.
  5. Make it easy, make it fun and do not just focus on points of improvement.


Once the culture of your company has been established, it is difficult to change it. If this is necessary however, for example in order to be able to improve customer experience, it is best to start out by mapping out your current culture. What is going well and what are any points of improvement? The eXperience Culture Scan will tell you how employees experience the organizational culture and how far removed you are from the 'ideal' customer oriented culture. Want to know more? Download the eXperience Culture Scan whitepaper or sign up for our webinar below. 


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