In this blog, you can learn all about customer satisfaction and how to measure this. And we give you four tips for increasing it. Think of this blog as 'the ultimate guide to customer satisfaction'.

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The importance of customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction provides insight into the extent to which you meet the expectations of your customers. This is very important for customer-oriented organizations. Focusing on this and meeting the needs of your customers is beneficial. More satisfied customers, who come back and recommend your organization to others. In addition, happy customers ensure happy employees, and vice versa. In the end, happy customers generate more turnover.

How can you measure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction indicates to what extent the products, services and service meet your customers' expectations. In other words, to what extent you as organization are able to meet or even exceed these expectations.

You can measure satisfaction by researching it. By setting this up properly and analyzing the results, you know exactly to what extent your customers are satisfied and what you have to do to improve this. The goal of customer satisfaction research is to focus your efforts on those processes that can be improved.

Customer satisfaction score: CSAT

The CSAT is a popular customer satisfaction KPI. CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction Score and can be compared to a rating. Buyers are asked to assign a rating to your product or service on a scale from 1 to 10. The score is expressed in an absolute number.

Because of the expression in a rating, this satisfaction score is recognizable and can easily be expressed in average scores.

Read more about CSAT in the blog 'CSAT, what is it exactly and how do you use it'.

3 steps to measure customer satisfaction

To improve, it is important that you start measuring. CYS makes it easy to get started in just 3 steps:

STEP 1 | A short questionnaire for your survey

Make it easy for your customers to provide feedback and don't ask too many questions. A long survey will scare them and will reduce your response rate. The questionnaire of CYS for customer satisfaction research consists of three questions and a number of statements. Answers are categorized by using the Root Cause Analysis.

STEP 2 | Tailor-made survey

In the software of CYS you will find the complete CSAT questionnaire that you can adjust according to your own organization or situation. You can easily add multiple languages and customize the survey to your own corporate identity.

STEP 3 | Collecting responses

Is the questionnaire ready? You are ready to collect data! This can be done in different ways. Choose the medium that best suits your organization and the people that you are asking for feedback from. A personal email, a QR code or a link that you put on social media. The possibilities are endless.

Want to know more about CYS' Customer Satisfaction Research? Download the whitepaper here.

How to improve customer satisfaction? 5 tips

You started measuring. But how do you make the step from measuring to improving customer satisfaction? Below we give you five tips to increase customer satisfaction:

Tip 1 | Make customer stories come to life

Make sure you're not only asking for a score, but also why. This information is very valuable and contains so much more. By sharing customer stories in the organization, employees gain in-depth insight into the story and the emotion behind the score. Feedback comes to life and this makes it easier to improve satisfaction and thus increase the CSAT.

Tip 2 | Share results quickly and effectively

Distribute information automatically, quickly and correctly to the right stakeholders. This allows you to respond directly to customer feedback. Complaints or deviating scores are automatically prioritized with triggers and alerts.

Tip 3 | Make customer satisfaction relevant

Linking customer feedback to your CRM and other data provides extra insight and targeted feedback. For example, per department or location. In this way, a location manager can see the status of his location at a single glance.

Tip 4 | Bring customer feedback to life in the organization

Avoid thick reports that disappear at the bottom of the drawer. With attractive dashboards and cool infographics, customer satisfaction really comes to life in the organization.


In this blog you read all about customer satisfaction and measuring and improving it. If you want to make a difference, it is not only important that you know to what extent your customers are satisfied. It's about what you do with this information and how you use it to improve. CYS offers a unique method for customer satisfaction research. Want to know more? Download the whitepaper below.

import_contacts Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Customer Satisfaction Research

In this whitepaper you can read everything about CSAT, how you can apply it and how CYS' customer satisfaction research can help you with this.

Download whitepaper

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