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CYS continuously gives you the right insights into customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and all company data, so the company can make the right decisions. With proven and industry-specific 'ready-to-start' research programs, you don't have to buy your knowledge, and you can get started right away. Get a grip on data, customers and employees and easily manage all organizational levels by distributing the right insights at the right time to the right employee. Your investment will be recuperated before you even start.

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Get insights continuously and real-time

CYS continuously gives you the right insights into customer loyalty, employee engagement, and all company data in order to make the right decisions. 


Opt for proven research programs

Use proven research programs, like NPS or Customer satisfaction research, Employee Energy Pulse, eXperience Culture Scan, or industry-specific quality checks. 


Obtain all results in one overview

Obtain all results from multiple sources automatically in one  dashboard, so you no longer need to log into several systems for reports and analysis.


Save time and get started right away

Save time with our smart, 'off-the-shelf' research programs. You can take off right away and you won't have to reinvent the wheel. 

Features that make you happy

domain SME features

Our smart features give you the right insights into customer loyalty, employee engagement, and all company data in order to make the right decisions.

Creating your own questionnaire is very easy with the intuitive questionnaire builder.

Easily create, manage, and report your own audits and checklists. All present, no programming required.

Manage different versions of your questionnaires and audits automatically and simultaneously without losing changes or data. If needed, you can always revert to a previous or an archived version.

Release and version management

Customize results for individuals or departments with personalized dashboards, accessible online or in the mobile app. 

Customizable dashboards

Choose from more than 65 widgets ready for use to create your dashboards. Select the ones that match your reporting needs.

Make results visually attractive by using infographics that respond to your data in real time. Choose from a wide range available.

Real time infographics

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