Voice of Business features

Get continuous insight into company data, results, quality and processes and make data driven decisions with the smart features of CYS. Emotional choices become informed decisions to steer the organization in the right direction.


All results in one overview

Obtain all results from multiple sources automatically in one overview, so you don't have to log into several systems for reports and analysis anymore.

Automated and continuous research

CYS continuously gives you the right insights in all KPIs, quality checks and company data, so the company can make the right decisions.


BI data import

Combine data from several sources with an easy drag and drop function. You can use all this data for analysis and reports, including the reports of business KPIs.

Audits & Checklists

You can easily create, manage and report your own audits and checklists in CYS. Use the existing templates, which you can adjust to your own situation.



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Methodology focused on priorities

All CYS programs are so thoroughly thought out, that you get the priorities for improvement at any given time.

Dynamic infographics

The obtained insights are made visually attractive through dynamic infographics so that they become manageable and come to life in the organization.


Case management

Based on smart rules, you can automatically assign concrete improvement points to the right person or department and monitor their implementation.

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