Voice of Customer features

Get all the insights and points for improvement you need to create loyal customers. Get started right away with these practical Voice of Customer features and the smart, ‘off-the-shelf’ research programs that CYS offers. 


Automated and continuous research

CYS continuously gives you the right insights in customer satisfaction, so the company can make the right decisions to improve the customer focus.

Proven research methods

Use proven research methodologies with CYS, like NPS or CES research.


3-Question methodology

With our innovative questioning process, you can find out the customer's satisfaction and the reason behind it with only 3 questions.

Methodology focused on priorities

All CYS programs are so thoroughly thought out, that you get the priorities for improvement of the customer focus at any given time.



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Our methodology focuses on the customer's stories. Our whole solution is to ensure that employees really understand what customers mean and can act upon this.

Closed Loop Feedback

Based on predefined conditions in the questionnaire, a customer case is made instantly and automatically directed to the right employee.


Accessible for every organization layer

With CYS, you activate the organization by giving everyone access to insights in customer experience relevant to them at any given time.

24/7 Availability

With CYS, the correct data is available 24/7 real time on all devices, enabling you to take justified data-driven decisions to improve the customer focus.


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