Voice of Employee features

Get all the insights for continuously increasing employee engagement with these practical CYS features.


Automated and continuous research

CYS continuously gives you the right insights in employee engagement, so the company can make the right decisions.

Smart 'off the shelf' research

Save time with our smart, 'off the shelf' VOE research programs. With CYS you can take off right away, no need to reinvent the wheel.


Smart 'Schedulers and Projectplanners'

CYS memorizes who has answered which questions already and sends out reminders. Employees get the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire at a later time or to choose a shorter version.

Methodology focused on priorities

All CYS programs are so thoroughly thought out, that you get the priorities for improvement at any given time.



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Employee Energy Pulse

With the Employee Energy Pulse you know at any time the energy balance of your employees and what you can do to increase this.

Experience Culture Scan

Get a complete picture of your organization's customer focus by submitting statements to your employees on a regular basis.


Automated real time reports

With CYS all processes are automated, so all reports are always up to date and automatically spread to the right stakeholders.

Accessible for every organization layer

With CYS, you activate the organization by giving everyone access to insights in employee engagement and the customer focus of the organizational culture relevant to them at any given time.


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