Our 6 core functionalities
Feature – Links and Integrations

Integrate quickly and easily with links & integrations

Import and integrate data from different sources manually or automatically and combine them in any project.


Restful web API

The CYS API belongs to the Representational State Transfer (REST) category. Allows you to perform “RESTful” operations, such as reading, modifying, adding or deleting data from your CYS portal. See also our API page

  • Secure API Key management

  • REST Web API

  • Commands such as GET, POST, DELETE, PATCH,



Link different data sources to our our platform

Export or import data from different sources for example by linking to sFTP, Excel and CSV. Our import procedures are automated and by using rules and logic you will ensure stable and reliable data procedures.


File transfer through integrations

Import data from various sources and add them to the desired project, for example, through integrations with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and PowerPoint.

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