Success Stories

Inspirational stories from our customers

We are just as enthusiastic about experience management as you and our customers. We are proud to share their success stories with you. Be inspired and discover the many benefits of CYS.

Every experience counts!

We believe in a world where every experience matters. That is why we have woven our more than 17 years of experience in experience management into one versatile, flexible and automated research platform. Combine different studies and data sources and discover the story behind hard numbers. Make results transparent and understandable for all organizational levels and convert results into concrete action points to improve day-to-day services.

DELA realizes real-time insight into customer feedback with more than 30 dashboards for more than 200 employees

A continuous customer feedback process that meets strict privacy and GDPR requirements and gives stakeholders real-time insight into relevant information through more than 30 personalized dashboards.

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RGF Staffing creates streamlined KTO and MTO with CYS

All nine labels of RGF Staffing can set up their own employee and customer surveys with associated dashboards for the management team and act quickly on deviating results.

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