DELA realizes real-time insight into customer feedback with more than 30 dashboards for more than 200 employees


The challenge

DELA is the market leader in the Netherlands and the largest insurer and funeral director. In Belgium, DELA is also a major funeral director and market leader in the insurance industry. DELA is a cooperative of more than 3 million members. Since its foundation in 1937, DELA has ensured with its insurance and services that members can look to the future without any worries, have financial security and are assisted in word and deed. DELA works result-oriented: employees make agreements about the goals together and evaluate whether things are going well.

DELA has many processes and products and considers it important to involve its members in its business operations. The biggest challenge was to collect member feedback across all contact channels and touchpoint without overwhelmingly lengthy questionnaires.

The solution

We used our three-question approach in combination with background data from the business processes to retrieve relevant feedback without burdening members with lengthy questionnaires. The method allows customers to indicate which aspect, from their perspective, most determines their overall experience. The background data is used to find out in which step in the customer journey this experience took place.

The three-question approach, also known as Root Cause Analysis, is used for DELA’s core business process, resulting in easy-to-understand data for BI teams, process specialists, and marketing teams. Depending on the respondent’s answers and background data, additional questions are shown for some touchpoints.

DELA sets strict (privacy) requirements for access to and sharing of information and compliance with the GDPR. Therefore, dedicated dashboards for various stakeholders with authorized access are needed.

The result

Short questionnaires tailored to touchpoints in the customer journey allow DELA to collect feedback without overwhelming members with overwhelmingly long questionnaires. We have created more than 30 dashboards for a variety of stakeholders, from senior management to contact center employees and dashboards that are visible to only one user, to dashboards that are accessible to more than 200 users.

GDPR compliance is managed at different levels and data sets. Depending on the nature and use of this data. To keep all data up-to-date, data is exchanged daily with DELA’s Customer 360 data warehouse. DELA uses the collected data for multiple internal analyses. Due to the complexity of the data and survey process, DELA only manages user access and part of the dashboard management. The rest is outsourced to CYS.

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