Three companies gain insight into the entire customer journey and customer feedback in one research project.

The CYS research platform allows BAM, AM and Homestudios to provide the full
follow customer journey and at each stage in an orderly manner
Retrieve feedback and gather information. For any organization
are personal dashboards set up with only relevant information.

The challenge

AM, BAM Wonen, and Homestudios aim to provide future residents with optimal service, inspiration and advice at every step of the buying and moving process. Through a digital customer journey and the physical experience center of Homestudios, residents are guided and advised from the time of orientation on a new home through to occupying their new home. In the experience center, future residents walk through five different studios with a personal consultant, where they review options for kitchens, bathrooms and skylights, among other things. Residents receive personalized advice on (interior) options and material possibilities.

The customer journey of (future) residents is long: from the allocation of a home, the signing moment at the real estate agent’s office, the first visit to the construction site to the completion and occupancy of the home. A new construction project can take about 2 to 3 years. This makes it difficult to gain good insight into experiences at each stage of the customer journey. How do you know what stage of the customer journey residents are in and how do you ask for feedback in an approachable way? In addition, it is a challenge to display results from hundreds of respondents in an orderly fashion, compare them and turn them into concrete areas for improvement.

The solution

First, we jointly mapped out the touchpoints of the customer journey and listed which touchpoints each company wanted more feedback and information on. CYS set up the research platform so that customer feedback can be easily and quickly requested, collected and analyzed for each touchpoint. We then trained the companies to manage parts of the system themselves, such as sending and modifying invitations and questionnaires.

Each company will have access to information relevant to their operations. Our direct contacts from the ambassador team have insight into the total customer journey and share this with the rest of their organization as needed. We meet quarterly with this team to discuss progress and spar on ways to increase the response rate.